Ananda Rabindranath

Ananda Rabindranath
Location Bizarre Exterior
Colorado Springs
Related Faction Mannerites (Wasteland2)

Ananda Rabindranath is an NPC and Merchant in Wasteland 3. NPCs and Merchants are characters in the game that can be interacted with. These characters add contrast to the game's lore, they can provide information and useful items, some play an important role in the game when it comes to missions, while the others can be recruited as a Companion.


Ananda Rabindranath Information

  • Before you stands a man dressed in an impeccably clean, well-maintained suit. He bows with a flourish as you approach, and without pause starts rattling off a practiced spiel. Ananda is a capable merchant, a Mannerite missionary, and a civilized man in an uncivilized land.
  • He purchases and sells junkAmmunition, and consumables, like medical supplies, syringes, etc.
  • Special Items:
  • NPC Location: Bizarre Exterior and Colorado Springs
  • Related Faction: Mannerites (Wasteland2)


Ananda Rabindranath Related Missions


Ananda Rabindranath Notes & Trivia

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