Armor Sets are a combination of Armor in Wasteland 3. Armor Sets protect players against attacks from Enemies and Bosses or from environmental damage. Armor Sets attributes and stats depend on each individual piece. Wearing all Set pieces won't grant any additional effects. Equipping an armor grants defensive properties to protect themselves from enemy attacks, and at the same time, the character can also acquire various buffs.


This page covers a full list of all the Armor Sets that can be found in the game.

Wasteland 3 Armor


Armor Sets in Wasteland 3

Set Parts
Total Effect

Tactical Armor Set

Tactical Armor Helmet
Tactical Armor
Tactical Armor Leg
Critical Chance +3% 
Armor  +12

Radtek Armor Set

Radtek Helmet
Radtek Armor
Radtek Pants
Armor +13 4 Strength

Machine Shop Set

Machine Shop Helmet
Machine Shop Chest
Machine Shop Pants
Mechanics +1
Armor  +6

Savage Armor Set

Savage Helmet
Savage Armor
Savage Legs
Armor  +17 5 Strength

Chemtek Armor Set

Chemtek Helmet
Chemtek Chest
Chemtek Legs
Armor  +32
Healing Bonus+50.0%
Resistance to poisoned +20%
Ability: Combat Stim (2AP)
Use to gain +2AP 
and 15% Hit Chance for 6 turns
On Succes: Applies combat Stim
6 Weird Science
4 Strength

Scout Armor Set

Scout Helmet
Scout Armor
Scout Pants
Hit Damage: +6%
Perception: +1
Armor : +7
Combat Speed +0.2

Tank Armor Set

Tank Helmet
Tank Armor
Tank Legs
Armor : +21 6 Strength

Trooper Armor Set

Trooper Helmet
Trooper Armor
Trooper Legs
Hit Chance: +5%
Armor : +15
Combat Speed +0.1

Composite Armor Set

Composite Helmet
Composite Armor
Composite Legs
Armor : +28 Strength

Commando Armor Set

Commando Helmet
Commando Armor
Commando Legs
Critical Chance: +8%
Armor : +19
Healing Bonus
: +20.0%
Combat Speed +0.2

Exoskeleton Armor Set

Exoskeleton Helmet
Exoskeleton Chest Armor
Exoskeleton Legs

Armor  +53
Melee Damage Bonus +50%
Ability: Earthquake (4AP)
Healing: 0% of Max CON
On Success: Applies Stunned
3 Weird Science
7 Strength

Power Armor Set

Power Armor Helmet
Power Armor
Power Armor Legs
Armor Stat +45
Healing Bonus +50.0%
Evasion -10
8 Strength

Nucular Armor Set

Nucular Armor Helmet
Nucular Armor Chest
Nucular Armor Legs
Armor +61 8 Strength

Merc Armor Set

Merc Helmet
Merc Armor
Merc Legs
Critical Chance +2%
Armor 10??
Evasion +3

Spectrum Assault Armor Set

Spectrum Assault Helmet
Spectrum Assault Armor
Spectrum Assault Legs
Armor  +25
Detection Time +0.5s
Initiative +10
Crit Chance +12
Combat Speed +0.3

Bardic Set

Ranger General's Hat
Bardic Jacket
Bardic Tights

Adds +1 to all attributes
Armor  +12
Leadership +1
Charisma +1

Verchitin Armor Set

Verchitin Helmet
Verchitin Armor
Verchitin Legs
Armor  +67
Energy Damage Resistance+25%
Heat Damage Resistance +25%
Cold Damage Resistance +25%
9 Strength


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