Defender Chassis

Defender Chassis
Item Type: Vehicle Mod
Mod Type: Chassis
Mod Effect: Con: +300
Radiation Resistance: Level 1
World Map Speed: +25%
Impact Damage: +250

Defender Chassis is a Chassis Vehicle Mod in Wasteland 3. Defender Chassis is used to update the Kodiak and grants Con: +300, Radiation Resistance: Level 1, World Map Speed: +25% and Impact Damage: +250. Vehicle Mods are special Items that are slotted to the equipped various pieces of the Kodiak to use it during combat in certain situations. Slotting a vehicle mod provide both offensive, defensive effects, and special properties that makes the Kodiak even more unique.


Sturdier frame design absorbs more punishment and allows for faster long-distance speeds, especially in those high-radiation zones.

Defender Chassis Information

  • Selling Price: ???
  • Purchase Price: $882
  • Mod Type: Chassis
  • This mod provides:
    • Con+300 
    • Radiation Resistance: Level 1 
    • World Map Speed: +25% 
    • Impact Damage: +250


Defender Chassis Location/Acquisition


Defender Chassis Notes & Tips

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