Gangs All Here

Mission Type Primary Mission
Recommended Level 22
Location Colorado Springs
Reward/s ???
Prev. Mission: ???
Next Mission: ???

Gangs All Here is a Primary Mission in Wasteland 3. This mission is recommended for 22. Missions are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Primary Missions are mandatory and focus on the main campaign/story of the game. This Mission can be unlocked if you brought Ironclad Cordite with you to The Traitor primary mission and make certain decisions, you'll have this mission




Gangs All Here Objectives

  1. Lead the gangs to Colorado Springs.
  2. Retake control of Ranger HQ and find a way into Downtown.
  3. Find the tunnel access point in Downtown.

Gangs All Here Related Characters


Gangs All Here Rewards

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Mission Important Notes & Tips

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Gangs All Here Walkthrough

  • This is a unique ending that only happens if you bring Ironclad Cordite  with you to Yuma County. 
  • Bring Ironclad Cordite with you to Liberty Buchanan.
  • Once you've dealt with Liberty, Cordite will ask if he should bring his gangs to Colorado Springs.
    • He will ask twice just to make sure, threatening that his gang may get out of control.
    • To start the Gangs All Here mission, you need to choose to go forward with this plan.
  • Return to Ranger HQ: on your way back to Colorado Springs, you will be stopped by Angela Deth. She has bad news, the town has been locked down by the Patriarch.
    • When you finally achieve enter to Ranger HQ. There will be a lot of companions that will be against you for the decision to work with Ironclad Cordite and his gangs.
  • Retake Control of Ranger HQ: Now it's time to take and reclaim the Ranger HQ.
    • There are two sides, and You and your Rangers are in the middle. 
    • You can choose between two options. Go to the final battle in Downtown Colorado Springs without the Kodiak or take it back. If you choose to take the Kodiak, you'll need to disable three alarms inside first.
    • You must fight your way through to the three computer consoles placed at the Armory, Brig and Garage to disable the system alert on each of them.
    • After you have been disabled the three consoles, go to the War Rom and interact with War Room computer to identify yourself as command and disable the system alert
    • You will notice that, the vehicle elevator into Downtown Colorado Springs still be locked.
  • Find the Tunnel Access Point in Downtown: Once you arrive to Downtown Colorado Springs, there will be Sheriff Daisy and the gangs, ready to talk whit you. 
    • Instead of asking for help, she will start a fight with you. This will also lead to losing 15 reputation with the Patriarch's Marshals.
    • After finishing the fight whit Sheriff Daisy, go to the west past the Marshals' headquarters. There will be a store up ahead with Payasos threatening the Casady family inside. You can walk past or jump in for a few decisions handling this situation.
      • Kiss Ass (8) - Unknown skill check.
      • Hard Ass (8) - Tell the Payasos to leave
      • Attack the Payasos saying that they've crossed the line.
      • Let the Payasos kill the Casady family.
      • Say that we're not here to murder innocents.
    • Ones you are finished with this situation, go ahead north up forward toward the Patriarch's museum to turn off an alarm inside
    • Follow the power cables inside to the floor panel in the southwest corner of the museum.
    • Here you can leave one member of your party on the floor panel. Then goes across the room, and there will be a red button on the wall.
    • Press the button to lower a locked door in the backroom of the museum. Interact with a computer inside the room. The computer has two skill choices and one normal one. Both skill choices will disable the museum’s alarm, while the third may not.

  • Confront the Patriarch: Now the blast heavy doors out front will be unlocked now and you’ll be to continue.
    • Go ahead and you will find the Patriarch. He will call you reavers and a fight will begin shortly afterward. Beware of the Patriarch's Manifest Destiny vehicle and his reinforcement waves that arrive over time. If you manage to wipe every enemy out before a wave of reinforcements arrives, the battle will end.
    • Once you've finished the battle with the Patriarch, he seems to kill himself. Ironclad Cordite will propose you to travel to Kansas and takeover the region with his gangs. This is a unique ending that only happens if you bring Cordite with you to Yuma County as previously mentioned. 




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