General Bragg's Fancy Hood Wax and Lubricant

Item Type Junk Item
Selling Price $10

General Bragg's Fancy Hood Wax and Lubricant is a Junk Item in Wasteland 3. Junk Items can be obtained by looting crates or chests, and are dropped by hostile characters. Some junk items can be used for certain things but the majority of it doesn't have any use and can only be sold in exchange for money.


"Give your car the treatment it deserves with the greatest product to come out of a Carolina! Guaranteed to get your car looking sparkling clean while protecting it from the elements! Will also ensure you'll able to smootlhly slide across the hood of your getaway vehicle fleeing the long arm of Johnnie Law!


General Bragg's Fancy Hood Wax and Lubricant Information


General Bragg's Fancy Hood Wax and Lubricant Acquisition

  • Found inside crates and chests.
  • Looted from dead bodies of hostile characters.


General Bragg's Fancy Hood Wax and Lubricant Notes & Tips

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