Healing Bonus

Healing Bonus
Determines how much better the effects of healing are on you.
 Type Stat

Healing Bonus is a Stat in Wasteland 3. Healing Bonus determines how much better the effects of healing are on you. Stats can be affected by the AttributesSkills, Perks, Backgrounds, and Quirks selection during the Character Creation. Also, weapons, Armor, and items affects Stats to.


Healing Bonus Effect

  • Determines how much better the effects of healing are on you.


How to increases Healing Bonus:

  • By equipping any type of  Weapon, or Armor that increases Healing Bonus.
  • By unlocking Perk:
    • __perkname__
  • By unlocking Quirk:  
    • __quirckname__.
  • By leveling Attribute:
    • __attributename__


Notes and Tips:

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