Insulated Vehicle Plating

Insulated Vehicle Plating
Item Type: Vehicle Mod
Mod Type: Armor Plating
Mod Effect: CON +180
Armor  +20
Cold Resistance +50%
Energy Resistance +50%
Fire Resistance +50%
Explosive Resistance +50%

Insulated Vehicle Plating is an Armor Plating Vehicle Mod in Wasteland 3. Insulated Vehicle Plating is used to update the Kodiak and grants CON +180, Armor  +20, Cold Resistance +50%, Energy Resistance +50%, Fire Resistance +50% and Explosive Resistance +50%. Vehicle Mods are special Items that are slotted to the equipped various pieces of the Kodiak to use it during combat in certain situations. Slotting a vehicle mod provide both offensive, defensive effects, and special properties that makes the Kodiak even more unique.


These specially designed armor plates are made to resist the effects of harsh environmental conditions.

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Insulated Vehicle Plating Notes & Tips

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