Major Tomcat

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Location Ambush Site
Related Faction Desert Rangers

Major Tomcat is an NPC in Wasteland 3. NPCs are characters in the game that can be interacted with. These characters add contrast to the game's lore, they can provide information and useful items, some play an important role in the game when it comes to missions, while the others can be recruited as a Companion.



Major Tomcat Information

  • Pet cat of the Desert Ranger convoy to Colorado. It is the Rangers’ mascot, and most valuable squad member.
  • Can be "recruited" at the ambush site with Animal Whisperer 1 or some smokes from Jodie Bell (if she survived).
  • As long as he's with you, he provides the Hittin' Kitty! (This kitty's got claws) bonus: +2% to Strike Rate
  • NPC Location: Ambush Site
  • Related Faction: Desert Rangers


Major Tomcat Related Missions

  • N/A


Major Tomcat Notes & Trivia

  • ??
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.



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