AP 1
Ability Type Perk 
Required Perk Overcharge
Ability Effect Empowers equipped weapon

Overcharge in Wasteland 3 is an Ability. Overcharge is a Perk ability. Abilities are special actions that are used in battle, these can be either obtained after unlocking certain Perks or can be found attached to certain weapons. Abilities allow the player to execute unique special actions in battle and requires a certain number of AP to be executed.


Charge your weapon, empowering it to deal bonus Energy, Cold, or Fire damage on its next attack. Your weapon has a 5% chance of blowing up in your face.


Overcharge Information

  • AP Required: 1
  • Ability Type: Perk
  • Perk Required: Overcharge
  • On Success: Applies Overcharged, 5% Chance to Apply Overload.


Overcharge Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia.




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