Personnel Drive

Personnel Drive
Item Type: Armor Mod
Mod Type: Leg Armor
Skill Requirement: Lvl. 5 Armor Modding
Mod Effect: Combat Speed+0.4
Armor +1

Personnel Drive in Wasteland 3 is an Armor Mod. Personnel Drive is a Leg Armor and requires Lvl. 5 Armor Modding for it to be installed. Armor Mods are special tools that are slotted to the equipped various pieces of the player and their companions/rangersarmor. Slotting an armor mod provide both offensive, defensive effects, and special properties that makes the armor even more unique.


An early infantry drive model, this unit has been upgraded with newer power units. It multiplies leg force, turning steps into strides. 

Personnel Drive Information

  • Selling Price: ???
  • Purchase Price: $49
  • Armor Mod Type: Leg Armor
  • Skill Lvl. Requirement: Lvl. 5 Armor Modding
  • This mod provides:


Personnel Drive Location/Acquisition


Personnel Drive Notes & Tips

  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.
  • Once you start tinkering your armor with these modified tools, you have to be careful and choose wisely when it comes to weapon modding. Players can only replace currently slotted armor mods with new ones, you cannot remove it and reacquire the previously slotted mod. So this means if you replace an old mod with a new one, you'll lose the old mod permanently.




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