Plasma Linkage

Item Type: Weapon Mod
Mod Type: Under Barrel
Skill Requirement: Lvl. 6 Weapon Modding
Mod Effect: 15% Chance to apply Shocked

Plasma Linkage in Wasteland 3 is a Weapon Mod. Plasma Linkage is an Under Barrel and requires Lvl. 6 Weapon Modding for it to be installed. Weapon Mods are special tools that are slotted to the equipped weapon of the player and their companions/rangers. Slotting a weapon mod provide both offensive, defensive effects, and special properties that make the weapon even more unique.


This linkage transfers super-hot ionized gas to each unit of ammunition as it is fired.


Plasma Linkage Information

  • Selling Price: $850
  • Purchase Price: ???
  • Weapon Mod Type: Under Barrel
  • Skill Lvl. Requirement: Lvl. 6 Weapon Modding
  • This mod converts the shots of the weapon to Energy Damage.
  • This mod provides 15% Chance to apply Shocked to the weapon.
    • Damage vs. Robots: +30%
    • Damage vs. Vehicles: +30%
    • Damage vs. Synths: +30%
    • Ranged Damage Bonus: -10.0%
    • Damage vs. Humans: -30%
    • Damage vs. Animals: -30%
    • Damage vs. Mutants: -30%


Plasma Linkage Weapon Requirement

This weapon mod can be attached to the following Weapons:


Plasma Linkage Location/Acquisition

  • Can be found at The Warrens. Prison Block point of interest, in a small room behind lockpicking 7 door in a large container


Plasma Linkage Notes & Tips

  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.
  • Once you start tinkering your weapons with these modified tools, you have to be careful and choose wisely when it comes to weapon modding. Players can only replace currently slotted weapon mods with new ones, you cannot remove it and reacquire the previously slotted mod. So this means if you replace an old mod with a new one, you'll lose the old mod permanently.



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    • Anonymous

      Definedly one of the more significant mods. You can use this to build a beastly secondary anti-material rifle for your mechanic. Shame you cant get more of them, so use it wisely!

      • Anonymous

        Location: Bizarre, The Warrens. Prison Block point of interest, in a small room behind lockpicking 7 door in a large container

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