Quick Slots

How many usable items this character can equip at a time.
 Type Stat

Quick Slots is a Stat in Wasteland 3. Quick Slots indicates and how many usable items this character can equip at a time. Stats can be affected by the AttributesSkills, Perks, Backgrounds, and Quirks selection during the Character Creation. Also, weapons, Armor, and items affects Stats to.


Quick Slots Effect

  • How many usable items this character can equip at a time.


How to increases Quick Slots:

  • By equipping any type of  Weapon, or Armor that increases Quick Slots.
  • By unlocking Perk:
  • By unlocking Quirk:  
    • __quirckname__.
  • By Leveling Skill:
    • __skillname__
  • By leveling Attribute:
    • __attributename__


Notes and Tips:

  • Note and tips goes here...
  • ??


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    • Anonymous

      In wasteland 3 a lot of perks are not worthwhile and thus you sometimes have some spare perk points laying around (I had) and thus you can use just 1 perk point to add a quick slot just for convenience, which is always good. Same goes for some extra armor and con, you can never go wrong with that.

      • Anonymous

        the benefit?
        well its great for your medic type rangers so that you can quickly stop bleeding, stop poison and quickly heal from a distance before your other rangers die because you were busy finding the correct items to put in quick slot. bleeding and poison effects keep going even if you are iin your inventory.

        Als really helpfull for any demolitionists and engineers in your party. Having the bomber carry energy grenades, normal grenades and molotovs is really great, also your engineer (with mechanic skill) can benefit from 3 slots while carrying a decoy, plasma turret (or normal ones) and a sawpup (or discobot).

        You can also use the extra slot (3rd or 4th slot) to place a self heal item in it so your medic does not have to run around te battlefield or use up his/her AP.

        It's handier than you think my friend. ;)

        • Anonymous

          what i dont understand is that you can freely drag other items in a quick slot without spending any combat points during combat. So what is the benefit of this perk?

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