Raising a Little Hell

Mission Type Primary Mission
Recommended Level 17
Location Aspen
Little Hell
Reward/s ???
Prev. Mission: The Psychopath
Next Mission: n/a

Raising a Little Hell is a Primary Mission in Wasteland 3. This mission is recommended for 17. Missions are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Primary Missions are mandatory and focus on the main campaign/story of the game. This Mission can be unlocked upon reaching Aspen during The Psychopath.


Woodson told us Ranger Pizepi Joren was taken to a science lab, but he thinks she is safe. He doesn't know where the other two Rangers in his squad, La Loca and Rook, were taken. There are three Hundred Families members being tortured, including members of the Reed and Ward families.


Raising a Little Hell Objectives

  1. Speak with Woodson in Little Hell.
  2. Find a way to lower the bridge in Aspen.
  3. Cross the bridge and explore Aspen for a way up the mountain.
  4. Reach the gondola building in Aspen and take the lift to Little Hell.
  5. Find and rescue the tortured hostages in Little Hell.


Raising a Little Hell Walkthrough

  • Upon reaching Aspen, you'll get a call from Ranger Riley Woodson who's been taken hostage by Vic Buchanan. After speaking to him, you'll come across a group of Breathers and you'll need to fight them.
  • You'll fight against x3 Breathers, x3 Crazers, and 1x Fumer. These enemies will drop the Employee Lounge Key and the Welcome Lodge Key. If you head to the main entrance, you'll have to fight through another group of enemies, but it's better to head towards the Employee Lounge.
  • Inside the Employee Lounge Key, there's a door that requires (7) Lockpicking. Before heading down the stairs, there’s a (7) Explosives trap at the top of the stairs. Disarm this trap and move into the room at the bottom of the stairs. You'll find a (6) Nerd Stuff computer in here with a container nearby that has the Admin Office Key.
  • Apart from that, the computer will also allow you to hack into the turret's system and have it target hostile characters. Doing so will kill the Crazer in the Welcome Lodge and also distracts that group of enemies. The Crazer inside the room will also have a key that you can loot.
  • With the same computer, you can lower the bridge outside. Once you've lowered it, head back outside.
  • Head to the bridge and Ranger Woodson will contact you again and he'll provide you information regarding the weapons cache that the Breathers were trying to get.
  • Now, head over to the Gondola Building where you'll find the key from one of the dead bodies outside. You'll need the key to unlock the door.
  • From here, head towards Little Hell Lodge where you'll find a hostage strung above a fire. Rescue the hostage and you'll increase your fame and learn more about Vic Buchanan and the Breathers.
  • Continue inside the lodge and you'll find a group of Breathers. After the battle, you'll find Ranger Woodson in the backroom. If you have (6) First Aid, you'll be able to help him in advance.
  • Towards the nearby connected hallway will lead you to a room on the left that requires (1) Lockpicking for you to break into.
  • When you first interact with the door or the attached intercom, someone named Ash will speak to you. He’ll warn you to not come inside because he’ll blow up every hostage.
  • You can call his bluff and head inside or continue searching around the building for hostages. Now, if you go inside before rescuing the hostages, this will complete Raising a Little Hell, but also kill the hostages.
  • The choices towards Ash when you break into the room include freeing him, attacking, or arresting him. Also, you can learn more information about Vic Buchanan and the Breathers. Another skill choice requires (8) Hard Ass. Apart from that, Ash will also give you the Patriarch Wing key to continue The Psychopath mission.
  • If you do decide to rescue the hostages, here are the locations:
    • Pizepi can be found past the room where Ash is, but you'll need to sneak past the enemies ahead or try to wing your way around through conversation.
    • La Loca can be found inside a freezer room in the kitchen. You'll also find a vault inside the freezer room that requires (10) Lockpicking for it to be unlocked.
    • Two hostages can be found in two different guest suites. One of them is Ranger Rook.
    • Staff Member Llewellyn is an optional hostage you can also rescue found at the south side of the suites.
    • Estin Ward can be found near the pool filled with blood where you'll encounter a group of Breathers.
    • Make sure to loot the Sauna Maintenace Key off the bodies of the enemies so that you can unlock the room and find some loot there.
  • After freeing all hostages, return to the room where Ash is and confront him.


Raising a Little Hell Related Characters

  • Ash
  •  Ranger Riley Woodson


Raising a Little Hell Rewards

  • Rewards


Mission Important Notes & Tips

  • ??
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