Rangers' Last Hope

Mission Type Primary Mission
Recommended Level Level 1
Location Ambush Site
Ranger HQ
Reward/s Patriarch's Marshals Reputation +1
Prev. Mission: Welcome to Colorado
Next Mission: Home Away from Home

Rangers' Last Hope is a Primary Mission in Wasteland 3. This mission is recommended for Level 1. Missions are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Primary Missions are mandatory and focus on the main campaign/story of the game. This mission can be unlocked after completing Welcome to Colorado, the mission will automatically start after speaking to Maj. Vera Prasad at the top of the dam.


We assumed command following the death of Major Vera Prasad. The missions is the same: make contact with the Patriarch, establish a new Ranger HQ, and get the supplies flowing to Arizona. Along the way, we should keep an eye out for Angela Deth.


Rangers' Last Hope Objectives

  1. Get to the Patriarch


Rangers' Last Hope Walkthrough

  • To complete this mission interact with the Kodiak located at the end of the Ambush Site.
  • Talk to The Patriarch as soon as you arrive. (If you kill the Dorsey you get Patriarch Marshal rep +1, thank Patriarch also gives you Marshal rep +1. If you use your first aid skill to point out he may have nerve damage, you lose 1 rep.)
  • You can avoid the fight with the Servitor bot by using kissass skill.
Ranger HQ Points of Interest
  • Mess Hall: You'll find a Toaster that requires 3 Toaster Repair for it to be fixed. Passing the skill level check and repairing the toaster will reward you with the Toaster Repairman's Badge and a Tarjan Token which is an item that can be used at The Bizzare.
  • Archives/Museum: The terminal there requires 3-5 Nerd Stuff that will allow you to hack into it to find logs that will also grant you XP. At the corner of the area, there's a container containing Radical Rachel a Creepy Doll item.
  • Brig: At the brig, you'll find corpses that you can examine which requires 3 First Aid for it to be examined. You can access the terminal to find a couple of logs and the container there holds the Brig Master's Key. Apart from that, you'll find a prisoner there. (if you checked the security footage, and find out the cause of death of the missing refuge, you will find that he is the real murderer. ) You can either kill him, leave him in the cell, or free him with 5 Lockpicking or use the Brig Master's Key. He doesn't really have an impact on anything but you'll find a Thank You note later on next to a dead body in the Colorado Springs' museum if you set him free.
  • Lockers Room: Inside this room, you'll find a small group of refugees and Del Hackett. Make sure to be as good as you can when choosing your decisions since it will affect your reputation against the Wastelander Refugees. Other than that, you'll find a locker that will allow you to change your character's appearance. (+5 refugees rep if you let them stay, -5 if you drove them out.)
  • Med Bay: There are some corpses here that you can examine but it requires a skill level check of 1-4 First Aid. Ignore the Ranger HQ Vault here since you'll only be able to open it at a later part of the game.
  • The Armory: There are traps here which you can disarm if you pass the skill level of 4 Explosives. There's also a container here where you can find a Molotov Cocktail.
  • Garage: You'll find a Rusted Slicer Dicer here which can be repaired with a skill level of 3 Mechanics, however, if you do repair it, you'll have to fight it. Defeating it will allow you to loot off a Slicer Dicer Self-Assembler and a Pulse Gun weapon. You can also find a corpse here that you can examine that requires a 3 First Aid skill.


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