Sand in the Gastank

Mission Type Primary Mission
Recommended Level 20
Location Yuma County
Reward/s ???
Prev. Mission: The Traitor
Next Mission: ???

Sand in the Gastank is a Primary Mission in Wasteland 3. This mission is recommended for 20. Missions are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Primary Missions are mandatory and focus on the main campaign/story of the game. This Mission can be unlocked during The Traitor.


Liberty Buchanan is entrenched in a camp protected by the Scar Collectors, Godfishers, and Payasos. It'll be a lot easier for us to nab her if we get rid of the gangs. The Mechanic thinks the gangs will turn on each with the right provocations. We just have to find the buttons to push.


Sand in the Gastank Objectives

  1. Sow discord between the gangs around Yuma County


Sand in the Gastank Walkthrough

  • You'll obtain this quest when you speak to The Mechanic at his garage when you reach Yuma County.
  • He'll mention that the easiest way to get to Liberty is by pitting each gang against each other, which means you'll automatically obtain two secondary missions for you to complete which are Gods and Clowns and Canary in the Coal Mine.
  • It is recommended that you complete this for it to be easier to complete The Traitor and it will be easier as well to infiltrate Liberty's compound.
  • In Gods and Clowns:
    • Talk to Payaso and Godfisher camp followers and slaves in the pen at Yuma County Speedway.
    • Fight through the Godfisher Kite Shrine at the windfarm to find Cucaracha’s body.
    • Show Cucaracha’s body to Risky Briskett at Meat Clown near the base of the windfarm.
  • In Canary in the Coal Mine:
    • Talk to a Scar Collector slave in the pen, near Yuma County Speedway.
    • Check out the area near The Company Store at the Scar Collector Mine for evidence of trouble.
    • Follow the trail of dried blood toward the Scar Collector Mine.
    • Defeat the Scar Collectors inside their mine.
    • Talk to Dee Sharp in the Scar Collector Mine.
    • Talk to Dee Sharp in The Company Store near the Scar Collector Mine.


Sand in the Gastank Related Characters

  • The Mechanic


Sand in the Gastank Rewards

  • Rewards


Mission Important Notes & Tips

  • ??
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