Suture Kit

AP 2
Skill Requirement First Aid 1
Item Type Quick Slot Item
Item Effect Removes Bleeding
Selling Price $??
Purchase Price $9

Suture Kit is a Consumable Item in Wasteland 3. Consumables are items that can be used in and out of a battle that grants various effects such as restorative properties, temporary buffs to the characters, and debuffs against enemies. Each consumable item requires a certain number of AP in order to be used in battle. Some items also require certain skills in order to be used.


Good for closing cuts and punctures. Both are, unfortunately, inherent to the Ranger life.


Suture Kit Information

  • AP: 2
  • Skill Requirement: First Aid 1
  • Item Type: Quick Slot Item
  • Item Effect: use to remove Bleeding status
  • On Success: Removes Bleeding
  • Selling Price: $??
  • Purchase Price: $9 (Barter Bonus)


Suture Kit Acquisition

  • Common item sold by Merchants.
  • Can be looted from dead bodies, as well as chests and crates.


Suture Kit Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.



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    • Anonymous

      If ya havent played the game long enough to figure out the price of one of these, why are you adding information to the wiki about it? if anyone plays the game for an hour, they know more then you do about suture kits.

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