Toasters in Wasteland 3 is one of the item categories of the game. Toasters are special items that are usually given to certain characters, providing a repaired toaster to the right recipient rewards the player with useful rewards that can be helpful for the player's journey throughout the game. Across the wasteland of Colorado, players will find broken toasters in various areas and it will have to be repaired first before it can be given to a character. This page covers a list of all the toasters that can be found in Wasteland 3.



Wasteland 3 Toasters


Toaster Repair Skill
Where to Find
Ranger HQ Toaster 3 Tarjan Token, Toaster Repairman's Badge This Toaster can be found at the Ranger HQ when you first take over command of the base and begin exploring the facility.
Sans Luxe Apartments Toaster 4 Argon Lance (Heavy Machine Gun) This Toaster can be found at the Sans Luxe Apartments complex in downtown Colorado Springs.
Broadmoor Heights Wesson Toaster 4 Golden Toaster Insulated Power Cord (Part 1 of 5) Upon being invited to the Broadmoor Heights area of Colorado Springs, you can look for the Wesson family home along the south side of the area, which has been ransacked by the Dorseys.
If you enter the kitchen at the far side of the home, you'll find its lined with tripwires and mine traps, including three mines that surround a toaster. Carefully disarm the traps with a high explosive skill, and then repair the toaster to get a golden power cord to build your own toaster.
Hoon Homestead Toaster 4 Golden Toaster (Part 2 of 5) This simple toaster is standing broken inside the Hoon Homestead, a small farm area that can be found just to the east of Colorado Springs  when traveling the world map in your Kodiak.
Head inside the homestead once the enemies outside have been dealt with, and you'll find the toaster in the kitchen. 
Palace of the Patriarch Toaster 8 Spades action figure.  In the right wing.
Manor of the Hun family Toaster 1 A cast gold case – a part for creating a Golden Toaster. --
Tunnels of Wondrous Toaster 5 Tarjan token. Outside the diner door.
Monster Army Bunker Toaster   The Sensuous Toaster Textbook.  
Broadmoor Heights Survival Bunker Toaster 5 Tarjan Token  
Denver, Machine Commune Toaster 6 Book of Bard’s Tales IV  In the NW corner of the room with the Machine Intelligence Tower.
Denver, West White House Toaster    Toast  In the armory
Paint Mines Toaster  7 Gold Infused Mica Sheeting – a part for creating the Golden toaster. Next to the RV surrounded by animals
Union Station Bunker Toaster 6 Tarjan Token  
Ghost Town Toaster 6 Tarjan Token  
Snowed Inn Resort Toaster 7 Minerva's Owl  In the second floor building with the gate control. Back room.
Aspen Toaster 7 Gold-plated nichrome wire – part for making the Gold Toaster. In guest house.
Aspen Toaster  7 Bye Action Figure Little Hell in Vic's room.
Knox family's bison farm Toaster 8 Bimetallic thread with gold plating – a part for creating a Golden Toaster.  


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    • Anonymous

      What's with the levels? Both the Hoon Homestead and the Broadmoor toaster have been bumped from level 1 to level 4. Is that an "upgrade" with the introduction of the crafting system?

      • Anonymous

        The items I received from the toasters was pretty crap. However, the items inside the Golden Toaster Training Facility are great, making it worth getting.

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