Welcome to Colorado

Mission Type Primary Mission
Recommended Level Level 1
Location Ambush Site
Reward/s N/A
Prev. Mission: n/a
Next Mission: Rangers' Last Hope

Welcome to Colorado is a Primary Mission in Wasteland 3. This mission is recommended for Level 1. Missions are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Primary Missions are mandatory and focus on the main campaign/story of the game. This is the first primary mission of the game.


Our convoy was ambushed by unknown hostiles on a frozen mountain lake. Major Prasad, our commanding officer, is trying to rally the survivors for a counterattack.


Welcome to Colorado Objectives

  1. Find a way to the top of the dam.
  2. Wipe out all the Dorseys on the dam.
  3. Talk to Major Prasad.


Welcome to Colorado Walkthrough

  • Attack the Dorseys until the weapons on the Kodiak activates. Use the weapons to get rid of the robot
  • Continue ahead and you'll meet with the Dorsey Stalker. You can use your Hard Ass or Kiss Ass skills to convience the stalker to let go the hostage. Alternately you can shoot her from a distance with a sufficiently long range weapon. You can loot the containers to acquire the Good Luck tape. (Note: Either of kissass/hardass choices will make the goon run away and leave the hostage unharmed. The Dorsey Goon will go warn the next group that you are coming though.)
  • Keep going and you'll fight a group of Dorseys. You can shoot the explosive tank to quickly dispatch them
  • You'll now reach the bottom of the dam. There's a Broken Valve and a Computer. If you fix the Broken Valve (You'll need mechanics 1), the Giant Robot will be instantly killed providing loot. You can also use the computer to deactivate or manipulate it if you have Nerd Stuff 1.
  • You'll find a fence that you can picklock. If you don't the picklock ability you can also use your weapon to brake it down. Interact with the generator to open the closed gate.
  • Go up using the ramp. You can find the Rabbit's Paw inside the large chest. Open the door and fight against a group of Dorseys will begin. Once you've deal with them interact with Maj. Vera Prasad. Note that you won't be able to save Prasad, and the options you have only lead to different deaths. You cal pick up 1x Scout Armor and 1x Scout Pants from her body.
  • The Tomcat mentioned by Pvt. Bell can be found on a rock here, use animal whisperer skill or use the cigarette you got from Pvt. Bell and he will follow you. (It's an animal companion that follows your main character, it can attack your enemies during combat. You can dismiss him any time by talking to him.)
  • Continue ahead until you reach the Kodiak. You can pick up 1x Glass Knucks from the body on the right. Iteract with the Kodiak to reach the Ranger HQ


Welcome to Colorado Related Characters


Welcome to Colorado Rewards

  • N/A


Mission Important Notes & Tips

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