Companions in Wasteland 3 are special pre-made NPCs who can joins the player's squad and helps them throughout the game. Companions aid the player in and out of battle and are unique from one another, each specializing in various fields, and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Companions can be encountered through game progression and can be recruited by meeting certain conditions or choices made. This page indicates all of the Companions in Wasteland 3, as well as information on how to recruit them, their location, stats, and many more.

Managing Companions

  • If a companion is added to your squad, you can manage the party from the Escape menu (Manage Party) or at your base by talking to an NPC. Companions cannot be "discharged" from the squad, but instead, you can remove them and add they'll be sitting in the "reserve" list where you can add them back to the active party later on.
  • Companions can join your squad automatically through game progression or by the choices you make in the game. They can also leave the squad if you piss them off based on your decisions.
  • Your squad consists of up to a maximum of 6 active party members which includes a maximum of up to 4 or a minimum of 2 Rangers, while the other 2 slots are reserved for the companions.

Rangers and Companions

  • Identifying the difference of a companion from a ranger is easy. Rangers can only be recruited and created by checking the Ranger HQ and speaking to NPCs such as Sergei Greatski (Sgt. Greatski) of the Patriarch's Marshals faction in Colorado Springs.
  • Companions are already pre-made and they usually have their voice lines, their own personality, stats, and agenda.


Wasteland 3 Story Companions



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