Sniper Rifles is a weapon category in Wasteland 3. This category consists of various sniper rifles. Each weapon's stats and/or effects can be changed or upgraded by slotting Weapon Mods to it, you can check our Weapon Modding page to learn more about the skill that can help in weapon modification, apart from mods, some weapons also include its own unique ability. Sniper Rifles are found as either common or uncommon types that can be obtained through looting chests or crates, dropped by hostile characters, acquired as a reward, and purchased from Merchants. This page will indicate a list of all the Sniper Rifles in Wasteland 3, and it will also include its description, values, and information on how to obtain it and where to find it.

Weapon Requirements

Each weapon requires a certain level of skill in order for the character to be able to manage it. This doesn't mean that you can't equip weapons that don't meet your skill level, you can, however, still equip weapons at the result of weapon penalties when it is used in combat. So for example, if you equip an Assault Rifle that requires a Lvl. 4 Automatic Weapons skill, but you're only at Lvl. 2, you can still use it but you'll be penalized with negative effects such as a less chance of inflicting critical hits, decreased critical damage, and more. All Sniper Rifles require a certain skill level of Sniper Rifles.

Weapon Modifications

Weapons can be modified by placing Weapon Mods to it. There is a variety of weapon mods that are specific to certain types of guns which changes the statistical value or adds effects to it once it is slotted. Players cannot remove a slotted mod to a weapon, however, you can replace it, but the previously slotted weapon mod will be lost. So make sure to decide properly when it comes to weapon modification.



Wasteland 3 Sniper Rifles



Skill Requirement

Weapon Ability





Cold Death
Lvl. 1 Sniper Rifles none 6 (N) 45-62 4 27
Hog Hunter
Lvl. 2 Sniper Rifles none 6 (K) 51-70 4 24
Marksman Rifle
Lvl. 3 Sniper Rifles Center Mass 6 (L) 50-69 5 24
Lvl. 4 Sniper Rifles none 6 (J) 60-84 4 24
Perkele Model 85
Lvl. 4 Sniper Rifles Center Mass 6 (H) 69-94 5 24
Red Dragon
Lvl. 6 Sniper Rifles Risky Shot 7 (F) 125-172 4 24
Scout Rifle
Lvl. 4 Sniper Rifles Risky Shot 6 (I) 62-86 4 24
Slag Sniper
Lvl. 1 Sniper Rifles none 6 (P) 35-49 5 24
Neutron Projector
Lvl. 7 Sniper Rifles none 6 (C) 172-237 4 24
Red Ryder Range Model Air Rifle
Lvl. 5 Sniper Rfiles none 6 (Q) 32-43 1 24
Ray Tracer
Lvl. 10 Sniper Rifles none 7 (A) 247-340 1 30
Ol' Rusty
Ol' Rusty
Lvl. 2 Sniper Rifles Center Mass 6 (O) 39-53 3 24
Mega Scope
Mega Scope
Lvl. 5 Sniper Rifles +20% Strike Rate
+10% Crit. Chance
4 (M) 46-62 4 24
Tundra Rifle
Tundra Rifle
Lvl. 5 Sniper Rifles +20% Strike RateCenter Mass 6 (G) 88-121 5 24
Death Lance
Death Lance
Lvl. 10 Sniper Rifles +20% Strike Rate Center Mass 6 (F) 125-172 5 24
Black Star
Black Star
Lvl. 7 Sniper Rifles +20% Strike RateRisky Shot 6 (E) 150-206 3 24
Lvl. 7 Sniper Rifles Strike Rate +25%
7  (D) 162-223 5 24
Lvl. 9 Sniper Rifles Strike Rate +25%
+20% to apply Damage Armor
 6 (B) 212-292 3 24


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    • Anonymous

      missing eliminator , sniper lvl 9, the wep can be acquired from shop cheebus(world map- south west area) or liberty's room chest(required lockpick 10, but the loot is random)

      • Anonymous

        SR2000 - Argent lvl 7 Sniper RIfle, 213 - 292 damage with Center Mass. I got mine from the chest in the Patriarch's Mansion, which required either rank 9 or 10 in lockpicking. That specific chest spawns high level snipers, assault rifles, heavy machine guns, pistols and brawler/melee weapons. Did not see any shotguns or RPGs, but the loading times disinterested me in doing too much save scumming.

        • Anonymous

          Death Lance Lvl 6 Sniper Rifles Center Mass 6 AP 140-192 DMG 5 Cap 24 Range - Found in Snow Inn Resort (iirc)

          • Anonymous

            Eliminator dmg 241-381 .50 cal ammo sniper rifles 9 required source vendor Cheebus;Death Lance 151-207 .50 cal ammo sniper rifles 6 required.

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