Walkthrough for Wasteland 3 covers a detailed guide that aims to help get past all the locations and areas, as well as guides on enemies, bosses, NPCs, and items that are encountered in the game. This page will mainly focus on providing a detailed walkthrough for the main campaign or story of Wasteland 3. If you want to check an overview of a recommended progress path, you may visit our Game Progress Route page. You can also check our Missions page to see a list of all the quests in the game.


Wasteland 3 Walkthrough

The game starts on a battlefield. This sequence serves as an introduction and is not defined as a specific mission. You have to defeat the Dorseys.

After you finish the tutorial, you will statrt the firs mission Welcome to Colorado. Our convoy was ambushed by unknown hostiles on a frozen mountain lake. Major Prasad, our commanding officer, is trying to rally the survivors for a counterattack. You  need to find a way to the top of the dam. 

Attack the Dorseys until the weapons on the Kodiak activates. Use the weapons to get rid of the robot
Continue ahead and you'll meet with the Dorsey Stalker. You can use your Hard Ass or Kiss Ass skills to convience the stalker to let go the hostage. You can loot the containers to acquire the Good Luck tape. (Note: Either of kissass/hardass choices will make the goon run away and leave the hostage unharmed. The Dorsey Goon will go warn the next group that you are coming though.)
Keep going and you'll fight a group of Dorseys. You can shoot the explosive tank to quickly dispatch them
You'll now reach the bottom of the dam. There's a Broken Valve and a Computer. If you fix the Broken Valve (You'll need mechanics 1), the Giant Robot will be instantly killed providing loot. You can also use the computer to deactivate or manipulate it if you have Nerd Stuff 1.
You'll find a fence that you can picklock. If you don't the picklock ability you can also use your weapon to brake it down. Interact with the generator to open the closed gate.
Go up using the ramp. You can find the Rabbit's Paw inside the large chest. Open the door and fight against a group of Dorseys will begin. Once you've deal with them interact with Maj. Vera Prasad. Note that you won't be able to save Prasad, and the options you have only lead to different deaths. You cal pick up 1x Scout Armor and 1x Scout Pants from her body.
The Tomcat mentioned by Pvt. Bell can be found on a rock here, use animal whisperer skill or use the cigarette you got from Pvt. Bell and he will follow you. (It's an animal companion that follows your main character, it can attack your enemies during combat. You can dismiss him any time by talking to him.)
Continue ahead until you reach the Kodiak. You can pick up 1x Glass Knucks from the body on the right. Iteract with the Kodiak to reach the Ranger HQ.

Rangers' Last HopeWalkthrough

After completing Welcome to Colorado, the mission will automatically start after speaking to Maj. Vera Prasad at the top of the dam. We assumed command following the death of Major Vera Prasad. The missions is the same: make contact with the Patriarch, establish a new Ranger HQ, and get the supplies flowing to Arizona. Along the way, we should keep an eye out for Angela Deth.

To complete this mission interact with the Kodiak located at the end of the Ambush Site. Talk to The Patriarch as soon as you arrive. (If you kill the Dorsey you get Patriarch Marshal rep +1, thank Patriarch also gives you Marshal rep +1. If you use your first aid skill to point out he may have nerve damage, you lose 1 rep.)
You can avoid the fight with the Servitor bot by using kiss Ass skill.

Ranger Hq Points of Interest

  • Mess Hall: You'll find a Toaster that requires 3 Toaster Repair for it to be fixed. Passing the skill level check and repairing the toaster will reward you with the Toaster Repairman's Badge and a Tarjan Token which is an item that can be used at The Bizzare.
  • Archives/Museum: The terminal there requires 3-5 Nerd Stuff that will allow you to hack into it to find logs that will also grant you XP. At the corner of the area, there's a container containing Radical Rachel a Creepy Doll item.
  • Brig: At the brig, you'll find corpses that you can examine which requires 3 First Aid for it to be examined. You can access the terminal to find a couple of logs and the container there holds the Brig Master's Key. Apart from that, you'll find a prisoner there. (if you checked the security footage, and find out the cause of death of the missing refuge, you will find that he is the real murderer. ) You can either kill him, leave him in the cell, or free him with 5 Lockpicking or use the Brig Master's Key. He doesn't really have an impact on anything but you'll find a Thank You note later on next to a dead body in the Colorado Springs' museum if you set him free.
  • Lockers Room: Inside this room, you'll find a small group of refugees and Del Hackett. Make sure to be as good as you can when choosing your decisions since it will affect your reputation against the Wastelander Refugees. Other than that, you'll find a locker that will allow you to change your character's appearance. (+5 refugees rep if you let them stay, -5 if you drove them out.)
  • Med Bay: There are some corpses here that you can examine but it requires a skill level check of 1-4 First Aid. Ignore the Ranger HQ Vault here since you'll only be able to open it at a later part of the game.
  • The Armory: There are traps here which you can disarm if you pass the skill level of 4 Explosives. There's also a container here where you can find a Molotov Cocktail.
  • Garage: You'll find a Rusted Slicer Dicer here which can be repaired with a skill level of 3 Mechanics, however, if you do repair it, you'll have to fight it. Defeating it will allow you to loot off a Slicer Dicer Self-Assembler and a Pulse Gun weapon. You can also find a corpse here that you can examine that requires a 3 First Aid skill.

Home Away from Home Walkthrough

This mission can be unlocked after speaking to The Patriarch in Rangers' Last Hope. The Patriarch gave you an old, prewar airbase to serve as our headquarters in Colorado. He told us to get the base up and running with the help of Marshal Kwon and Sergei Greatski.

Speak with Marshal Kwon and Sergei Greatski at the entrance of the base. Head inside and interact with the console located in the middle of the room. Install yourself as the Commander and the quest will be complete.

Cornered Rats Walkthrough

This mission can be unlocked by talking to Sheriff Daisy. Shortly before we arrived at Peterson Airforce Base, a large group of Dorseys attacked Colorado Springs. The attack failed, and most of the holdouts are holed up the Garden of the Gods. The Patriarch asked us to help his Marshals deal with them.

Talk to Sheriff Daisy at the Marshal's Station at Downtown Colorado Springs. You'll also meet with Lucia Wesson. You can take her as a Companion. Head north and talk to the guard to get access to the Garden of the Gods.

Once inside continue ahead and you'll have to fight a group of Dorseys. Once you defeat them speak with Bellamy Ward. (You can later visit Ward family house at BROADMOOR HEIGHTS, for rewards and Hundred Family rep).

Keep going and you'll see a fence to your right. Be careful as the place is filled with mines. You can lockpick the gate or destroy it using your guns. Inside the locker you'll find the Dynamic Cross-Photon Matrix, which can be used to ignite the enemies waiting you ahead. You can also find the Frozen Ferret Launcher, 1x Razor Box 5x Frozen Ferret and 1x Kumite: A History inside the other locker.

Turn left and you'll find a secret snow tunnel. As soon as you cross you can find a buried stash with the Keen Karen creepy doll inside. Cross it and defeat the waste wolves. Interact with the computer, install the Dynamic Cross-Photon Matrix, adjust the photon collection amount, and then activate it. This will decimate a portion of the dorseys awaiting you below. 

Continue ahead and interact with the mass grave. When you reach the end of the area you'll meet with the Hundred Families kids who helped the Dorseys inside the city. You can decide if you want to kill them or not. You can also decide if you want to encourage Lucia Wesson to kill her boyfriend. She will ask for your help to avenge the ones who were truly responsible and you'll acquire the Frontier Justice mission. After this, you'll be contacted by the Ranger HQ and you'll be able to lie and tell that there were no survivors or that you decided to kill the kids yourself. The last option will lower the reputation towards the Hundred Families by -5. (Note: You can stop Lucia from killing Isaac Reed, and lock him up in Ranger HQ. Later on, you can tell Lucia you didn’t want his death on her conscious and she thanks you.)

Head back to the Marshal's Station and talk to Sheriff Daisy to acquire your reward.

Unwelcome Guests Walkthrough

Gideon Reyes, the head of one of the Hundred Families, has offered his services as an advisor, if we help him with a problem that he says affects the future of Colorado Springs.

Head to the Broadmoor Heights and speak with Gideon Reyes. Then travel to The Bizarre Exterior and head to the left part of the map. After a bridge you'll be able to find the smugglers.

Defeat the smugglers and open the cabin located in the area. Speak to Carmen, and she will tell you that they need help to get back to Colorado Springs. You can decide to help her or deny her help. If you deny to help them skip to when you come back to Mama Cotter. If you decide to help her (+5 refugee rep) you'll need to go inside The Bizarre and speak to Pareidolia Jones. He will tell you that he can offer you his caravan services to take the refugees to Colorado Springs, you have three options

  • Pay him 300 Dollars
  • Waggle the Rubber Duck at him (He is afraid of it). You can find it buried under the snow outside where you fought the Payaso Dentist at the Bizarre Exterior
  • If you have Kiss Ass 7 you can persuade him to do it for free

Head back to Downtown Colorado Springs and confront Mama Cotter you can find her in front of the garage area. She will admit that she was the one smuggling the refugees and that you will keep doing it no matter what. You can tell her that you will look the other way or you can arrest her. If you look the other way she will provide you with the Garage Mechanics. (-15 refugee rep if you arrest her.)

After that head to Broadmoor Heights and speak with Gideon Reyes. If you arrested Mama Cotter you'll gain reputation with the Hundred Families and you will be able to recruit Gideon Reyes to serve as a political advisor at the Ranger HQ. If you decided to aid Mama Cotter you won't be able to recruit him and you will lose reputation towards the Hundred Families.

Full House Walkthrough

Our new HQ will only be as useful as the people we can recruit. We should also focus on getting critical infrastructure up and running.

Recruit personnel for Ranger HQ.

  1. A Brig Jailor: Can be acquired by completing Cornered Rats
  2. A Medbay Doctor: Can be acquired by completing Top Doc
  3. An Armory Quartermaster: Can be acquired by completing Big Trouble in Little Vegas (You can get it from both Sheriff Daisy or from Faran Brygo)
  4. A Garage Mechanic: Can be acquired by completing Unwelcome Guests.

The Zealot Walkthrough

Valor Buchana, the patriarch younger son, has allied himself with the Gippers in Denver. The Reagan fanatics have cut off the oil supply for Colorado Springs, and the Patriarch wants both his son and the oil back. Travel to Denver Ruins and Extract Valor Buchanan from the Western Whitehouse in the Denver Ruins.

When you arrive to Denver go the the building located on the left part of the map. Pass thorugh the vault door and in the last room you'll find Valor Buchanan. You have 3 options on how to proceed with this mission

  • Option 1 Arrest him
    • At any given time you can walk to the vault and tell Valor Buchanan that you are taking him under arrest. The Gippers will become hostile towards you and you'll have to defeat them in order to arrest Valor.
    • Once the site is secure head back to The Patriarch at Colorado Springs to earn your reward
  • Option 2 Kill HIm
    • At any given time you can walk to the vault and tell Valor Buchanan that you are taking him arrest. The Gippers will become hostile towards you and you'll have to defeat them in order to kill Valor.
    • Once the site is secure head back to The Patriarch at Colorado Springs to earn your reward. Note that The Patriarch will be very displeased if you kill him
  • Option 3 Arrest him once he converts into Regan
    • If you complete the Reagan Reborn while inserting Regan inside Valor you'll still have the chance to arrest him.  The Gippers will become hostile towards you and you'll have to defeat them in order to arrest Valor (Now Regan).
    • He will not be Valor Buchanan anymore and The Patriarch won't be happy

Reagan Reborn Walkthrough

Attend an audience with the God President inside the Western Whitehouse in the Denver Ruins.

Once you reach Denver Ruins go inside the building located on the left part of the map. Go past the Vault doors and you'll meet with Valor BuchananMother Nancy Reliance and the Reagan AI. They will ask you to recover the Cybernetic Transfer Module from the Machine Commune at the Denver Airport.

Head north, defeat the enemies and reach the Denver Airport. You'll now be at the Machine Commune. It's important to notice that the Machine Intelligence Tower will judge you based on your previous actions and your interactions with the robots at the Machine Commune.

Talk with the Machine Intelligence Tower and tell them that you want the Cybernetic Transfer Module. They will ask you to betray the Gippers and transfer Reagan back to them. You'll now have 3 options

  • Option 1 Transfer Reagan to Valor Buchanan's body
    • Head back to the Gippers base and talk with Mother Nancy Reliance to initiate the transfer.
    • Select the option to transfer Reagan into Valor Buchanan's body (This will eradicate his soul)
    • The mission will be complete and you'll acquire : 250$, 6x Rocket and 1x Reagan's Gaze
    • *NOTE: This will also interfere directly with The Zealot mission and The Patriarch won't be happy about it.
  • Option 2 Transfer Reagan back to the Machine Intelligence Tower
    • Head back to the Gippers base and talk with Mother Nancy Reliance to initiate the transfer.
    • Select the option to transfer Reagan into the Machine Commune.
    • The Gippers will become hostile and you'll have to defeat them to escape the base
    • The mission will be complete and you'll acquire Party Pal as a follower. Part Pal can heal your teammates during combat and perform ranged attacks.
    • *NOTE: Valor Buchanan will be unharmed when you do this, and you'll have the choice to Arrest him or Kill him
  • Option 3 Transfer Reagan back to the Ranger HQ
    • Head back to the Gippers base and talk with Mother Nancy Reliance to initiate the transfer.
    • Select the option to transfer Reagan into the Ranger HQ
    • Mother Nancy Reliance will talk to you.
      • You can tell her to surrender Valor Buchanan or you'll destroy Reagan. They will agree and you'll be able to either Arrest or kill Valor. Note that the Gippers won't interact with you anymore and you won't be able to interact with their merchants.
      • You can fight them and defeat them and then capture or kill Valor Buchanan

The mission will be complete and once you restore the energy you'll be able to talk to Reagan at the command center of the Ranger HQ.

NOTE: If you select this option the Gippers won't interact with you anymore. The Machine Commune will also reject you and you won't be able to interact with their merchants, except for Vivisecto, RN (He will still provide you his services). You can talk to the Machine Intelligence Tower and tell them that it was a mistake.

The Psychopath Walkthrough

Vic Buchanan, the patriarch's son, recently reemerged from exile with an army of drugged-addled freaks at his back and has taken the mountain town of Aspen. The Patriarch wants him returned to Colorado Springs alive.

Travel to Aspen and arrest Vic Buchanan.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you travel to Aspen to search for Vic, you'll need to upgrade the chassis of the Kodiak in order for it to handle the radiation you'll pass before reaching the mission's location. Otherwise, you and your team will take massive damage and will also obtain mutations from it. Apart from that, make sure you're well-stocked with Antidote items, you'll need it.

In order to reach Aspen, make sure to travel southwest from Colorado Springs and then head north. There is no path leading to Aspen if you travel northeast from Denver.

Upon reaching Aspen, a new primary mission will trigger which is Raising a Little Hell. You'll need to complete this mission as well since it's a part of The Psychopath mission.

Once you've rescued all of the hostages in Raising a Little Hell, you'll continue on this mission. Once you have the Patriarch Wing Key given by Ash, head back to the hallway where there are traps, you can disable it by heading to the Guest Suited where the reeds and rook were. (You can arrest Ash, let him go or kill him. No rep is lost if you kills Ash,  He has a defusal kit on his body that will give you +1 to explosives.)

What you need to do is have one member stand on the floor panel to disable the gas, and then have another member move past it to reach the generator that can disable it.

Nex,t there will be some mechanical turrets and breathers when you reach the Patriarch Wing. You can disable two of the generators with a 7 Mechanic skill level which is powering the Laser Turrets.

You'll find Vic hiding in his room which is locked, either interact with the door or speak to him via the intercom. Either way, he will let you in and you'll have to decide how to deal with him.

  • Kiss Ass (10) - Convince him that his father will keep sending people no matter what.
  • First Aid (8) - Convince him he needs to see a doctor because of the gas he’s been using.
  • or Attack him.

Next, upon choosing your first option, you'll be given another set of actions to deal with him as he tries to persuade you. You can either arrest him, kill him, or recruit him as a Companion.

Depending on your decision, you'll complete this quest once you return back to the Patriarch's Palace and report to The Patriarch.

The Traitor Walkthrough

This mission can be unlocked after completing Home Away from Home. Locate Liberty Buchanan, the Patriarch's daughter, and bring her back home to Colorado Springs.

Once you advance the mission The Psychopath, Angela Deth will contact you regarding Liberty Buchanan's whereabouts.

Head back to Ranger HQ after getting the call and speak to her agent. Now, during your meeting with Angela's agent, you'll be attacked by Scars. Luckily, all NPCs within HQ will help in defending the area.

After the battle, you will learn about Angela's location which is at the Hoon Homestead. You'll find her waiting inside the Hoon familyhouse.

If you have (3) First Aid, you can offer your help regarding the scars on her face. She'll mention she's fine and she'll give you x5 Medic Pack - during your conversation, you'll be attacked again by Scars.

There's about x2 Scar Collector Thrall, x1 Scar Collector Bomb Thrall, x1 Scar Collector Leader, x1 Scar Collector Cyclops, and x1 Scar Collector Butcher.

Deth will fight alongside you, as well as her crew.

After the battle, you'll pick up where you left off in the conversation and she'll mention her plan. From here, you'll have to make a decision that's important to the result of the endgame

  • Side with The Patriarch
  • Join Angela,
  • You can tell her that her plan will fail.
  • Side with the Ranger Command and threaten her.

After you've made a decision, head to Yuma County which is where Liberty is. Yuma County is near the southeastern area of the world map.

Before you head over to Yuma County, you'll need the Kodiak to be equipped with the Dominator Chassis to survive the radiation.

When you're near Yuma County, a man called "The Mechanic" will contact you via the radio and he'll ask you to see him at his garage. A dialogue cutscene between The Mechanic will then start upon entering Yuma County.

When you meet The Mechanic, you'll obtain a new primary mission which is Sand in the Gastank and two other secondary missions. You'll most likely need to complete the new primary mission since you'll need to infiltrate Liberty's compound anyway.

In Liberty's compound, you'll have to fight a group of Dorseys and some mechanical enemies. There are about 2 groups here you need to fight.

After winning the battle, you can unlock the gate with a (10) Lockpicking or break it. Behind the gate is where you'll find Liberty. Before you enter, you'll be prompted a warning that you won't be able to complete any missions upon entering.

Now upon confronting Liberty, you'll be given a few options:

  • (10) Kiss Ass - Convince her to let you become her new army. But make sure you don't have Lucia or Ironclad Cordite in the party.
  • (10) Nerd Stuff - Use your radio to hack her power armor and disable her drone control. This Immediately begins a fight.
  • (10) Hard Ass - Convince her that the other gangs with turn on her, and her Dad is her only hope for mercy. - This Skips the fight.
  • Attempt to put her into custody.
  • Attack her.

Now, if you attack her and after the battle. There's a door at the back which you can unlock with (6) Lockpicking. You'll find Lucia's father here. Once you've cleared the area, your next objective is to return to Colorado Springs.

On your way back, you will receive another call from Angela Deth regarding your final decision of siding with her or The Patriarch. Check the Endings page to learn more.

Raising a Little Hell Walkthrough

This Mission can be unlocked upon reaching Aspen during The Psychopath. Woodson told us Ranger Pizepi Joren was taken to a science lab, but he thinks she is safe. He doesn't know where the other two Rangers in his squad, La Loca and Rook, were taken. There are three Hundred Families members being tortured, including members of the Reed and Ward families.

Upon reaching Aspen, you'll get a call from Ranger Riley Woodson who's been taken hostage by Vic Buchanan. After speaking to him, you'll come across a group of Breathers and you'll need to fight them.

You'll fight against x3 Breathers, x3 Crazers, and 1x Fumer. These enemies will drop the Employee Lounge Key and the Welcome Lodge Key. If you head to the main entrance, you'll have to fight through another group of enemies, but it's better to head towards the Employee Lounge.

Inside the Employee Lounge Key, there's a door that requires (7) Lockpicking. Before heading down the stairs, there’s a (7) Explosives trap at the top of the stairs. Disarm this trap and move into the room at the bottom of the stairs. You'll find a (6) Nerd Stuff computer in here with a container nearby that has the Admin Office Key. Apart from that, the computer will also allow you to hack into the turret's system and have it target hostile characters. Doing so will kill the Crazer in the Welcome Lodge and also distracts that group of enemies. The Crazer inside the room will also have a key that you can loot. With the same computer, you can lower the bridge outside. Once you've lowered it, head back outside.

Head to the bridge and Ranger Woodson will contact you again and he'll provide you information regarding the weapons cache that the Breathers were trying to get. Now, head over to the Gondola Building where you'll find the key from one of the dead bodies outside. You'll need the key to unlock the door.

From here, head towards Little Hell Lodge where you'll find a hostage strung above a fire. Rescue the hostage and you'll increase your fame and learn more about Vic Buchanan and the Breathers. Continue inside the lodge and you'll find a group of Breathers. After the battle, you'll find Ranger Woodson in the backroom. If you have (6) First Aid, you'll be able to help him in advance.

Towards the nearby connected hallway will lead you to a room on the left that requires (1) Lockpicking for you to break into. When you first interact with the door or the attached intercom, someone named Ash will speak to you. He’ll warn you to not come inside because he’ll blow up every hostage. You can call his bluff and head inside or continue searching around the building for hostages. Now, if you go inside before rescuing the hostages, this will complete Raising a Little Hell, but also kill the hostages.

The choices towards Ash when you break into the room include freeing him, attacking, or arresting him. Also, you can learn more information about Vic Buchanan and the Breathers. Another skill choice requires (8) Hard Ass. Apart from that, Ash will also give you the Patriarch Wing key to continue The Psychopath mission.

If you do decide to rescue the hostages, here are the locations:

  • Pizepi can be found past the room where Ash is, but you'll need to sneak past the enemies ahead or try to wing your way around through conversation.
  • La Loca can be found inside a freezer room in the kitchen. You'll also find a vault inside the freezer room that requires (10) Lockpicking for it to be unlocked.
  • Two hostages can be found in two different guest suites. One of them is Ranger Rook.
  • Staff Member Llewellyn is an optional hostage you can also rescue found at the south side of the suites.
  • Estin Ward can be found near the pool filled with blood where you'll encounter a group of Breathers.
  • Make sure to loot the Sauna Maintenace Key off the bodies of the enemies so that you can unlock the room and find some loot there.

After freeing all hostages, return to the room where Ash is and confront him.

Sand in the Gastank Walkthrough

Liberty Buchanan is entrenched in a camp protected by the Scar Collectors, Godfishers, and Payasos. It'll be a lot easier for us to nab her if we get rid of the gangs. The Mechanic thinks the gangs will turn on each with the right provocations. We just have to find the buttons to push. 

Sow discord between the gangs around Yuma County.

You'll obtain this quest when you speak to The Mechanic at his garage when you reach Yuma County. He'll mention that the easiest way to get to Liberty is by pitting each gang against each other, which means you'll automatically obtain two secondary missions for you to complete which are Gods and Clowns and Canary in the Coal Mine. It is recommended that you complete this for it to be easier to complete The Traitor and it will be easier as well to infiltrate Liberty's compound.

In Gods and Clowns:

  • Talk to Payaso and Godfisher camp followers and slaves in the pen at Yuma County Speedway.
  • Fight through the Godfisher Kite Shrine at the windfarm to find Cucaracha’s body.
  • Show Cucaracha’s body to Risky Briskett at Meat Clown near the base of the windfarm.

In Canary in the Coal Mine:

  • Talk to a Scar Collector slave in the pen, near Yuma County Speedway.
  • Check out the area near The Company Store at the Scar Collector Mine for evidence of trouble.
  • Follow the trail of dried blood toward the Scar Collector Mine.
  • Defeat the Scar Collectors inside their mine.
  • Talk to Dee Sharp in the Scar Collector Mine.
  • Talk to Dee Sharp in The Company Store near the Scar Collector Mine.

Promises Made, Promises Kept Walkthrough

Angela Deth asked us to support her in a coup against the Patriarch. We have to get back to Colorado Springs. In light of Angie's open aggression against the Patriarch, we'll need to enter through Ranger HQ.

The mission starts soon after you leave Yuma County after dealing with Liberty Buchanan. Here, you are contacted by Angela Deth, who is at Downtown Colorado Springs. In the conversation, you’ll get to choose to either help Angela Deth take down the Patriarchy or side with the Patriarchy and pick a fight with her. 

Return to Ranger HQ: After talking to Angela Deth, you must return to Colorado Springs and enter the HQ.

  • Upon returning, you’ll find out that there’s a dispute razing in the HQ and to settle it, you must neutralize the protesters.
  • Depending on which side you took in the conversation with Angela, you’ll have to fight against your own Rangers that are against your decision. These will include the Ranger that you’ve recruited and others at the HQ as well. A fight is imminent to reinstate your authority.

Retake control of Ranger HQ: You must fight your way through to the three computer consoles placed at the Armory, Brig and Garage to disable the system alert on each of them.

  • At each point, you may or may not have to engage the stationed ranger depending on whether they vouch for your decision or not. Once the three consoles have been disabled, make your way to the War Room and interact with War Room computer to identify yourself as command and disable the system alert.

Find the tunnel access point in Downtown: The vehicle elevator leading to Downtown is locked and you must make your way to Downtown Colorado Springs and find the terminal in the Patriarch’s Museum to unlock it.

  • Once you enter Downtown, you’ll encounter Wastelander Refugees protesting against the Patriarch. This will start a conversation with Mama Cotter.
  • Depending upon your popularity with the refugees, you’ll get to use peaceful options to defuse the protest. If you aren’t popular enough, you’ll have to fight your way through.
  • Past the protesters, Sheriff Daisy will warm you about Angela Deth ahead. Head into the museum and follow the power cables inside to the floor panel in the southwest corner of the museum. Then goes across the room, and there will be a red button on the wall.
    Press the button to lower a locked door in the backroom of the museum. Interact with a computer inside the room. The computer has two skill choices and one normal one. Both skill choices will disable the museum’s alarm, while the third may not.

Final Fight: Once you leave out the door, the battle is imminent.

  • Depending on your decision, you’ll fight Deth out here, or join her to overthrow the Patriarch. A conversation before the battle will let you decide how the thing ends...
  • For the battle against Deth, with Hard Ass (10), you’ll be able to convince the Patriarch to arrest Deth and let the others go free.
  • Any other option will lead to the battle that’ll end up with Deth and her henchmen dead. With this, the storyline will come to an end.

Gangs All Here Walkthrough

You've consolidated the Plains Gangs under Cordite's leadership, and are leading them in an assault on Colorado Springs. The gangs will distract the Patriarch's forces while you move against The Dictator of Colorado.

This is a unique ending that only happens if you bring Ironclad Cordite  with you to Yuma County. 

Bring Ironclad Cordite with you to Liberty Buchanan.

Once you've dealt with Liberty, Cordite will ask if he should bring his gangs to Colorado Springs.

  • He will ask twice just to make sure, threatening that his gang may get out of control.
  • To start the Gangs All Here mission, you need to choose to go forward with this plan.

Return to Ranger HQ: on your way back to Colorado Springs, you will be stopped by Angela Deth. She has bad news, the town has been locked down by the Patriarch.

  • When you finally achieve enter to Ranger HQ. There will be a lot of companions that will be against you for the decision to work with Ironclad Cordite and his gangs.

Retake Control of Ranger HQ: Now it's time to take and reclaim the Ranger HQ.

  • There are two sides, and You and your Rangers are in the middle. 
  • You can choose between two options. Go to the final battle in Downtown Colorado Springs without the Kodiak or take it back. If you choose to take the Kodiak, you'll need to disable three alarms inside first.
  • You must fight your way through to the three computer consoles placed at the Armory, Brig and Garage to disable the system alert on each of them.
  • After you have been disabled the three consoles, go to the War Rom and interact with War Room computer to identify yourself as command and disable the system alert
  • You will notice that, the vehicle elevator into Downtown Colorado Springs still be locked.

Find the Tunnel Access Point in Downtown: Once you arrive to Downtown Colorado Springs, there will be Sheriff Daisy and the gangs, ready to talk whit you. 

  • Instead of asking for help, she will start a fight with you. This will also lead to losing 15 reputation with the Patriarch's Marshals.
  • After finishing the fight whit Sheriff Daisy, go to the west past the Marshals' headquarters. There will be a store up ahead with Payasos threatening the Casady family inside. You can walk past or jump in for a few decisions handling this situation.
    • Kiss Ass (8) - Unknown skill check.
    • Hard Ass (8) - Tell the Payasos to leave
    • Attack the Payasos saying that they've crossed the line.
    • Let the Payasos kill the Casady family.
    • Say that we're not here to murder innocents.
  • Ones you are finished with this situation, go ahead north up forward toward the Patriarch's museum to turn off an alarm inside
  • Follow the power cables inside to the floor panel in the southwest corner of the museum.
  • Here you can leave one member of your party on the floor panel. Then goes across the room, and there will be a red button on the wall.
  • Press the button to lower a locked door in the backroom of the museum. Interact with a computer inside the room. The computer has two skill choices and one normal one. Both skill choices will disable the museum’s alarm, while the third may not.

Confront the Patriarch: Now the blast heavy doors out front will be unlocked now and you’ll be to continue.

  • Go ahead and you will find the Patriarch. He will call you reavers and a fight will begin shortly afterward. Beware of the Patriarch's Manifest Destiny vehicle and his reinforcement waves that arrive over time. If you manage to wipe every enemy out before a wave of reinforcements arrives, the battle will end.
  • Once you've finished the battle with the Patriarch, he seems to kill himself. Ironclad Cordite will propose you to travel to Kansas and takeover the region with his gangs. This is a unique ending that only happens if you bring Cordite with you to Yuma County as previously mentioned. 


Wasteland 3 Endings


"Oops" Ending




  • This ending is just hilarious. It pretty much gives you an ending based on your curiosity about tinkering stuff.
  • Upon reaching Union Station and finding the Morningstar, if you keep fixing it, it'll eventually explode, which results in the end of your journey in the game.



"Chaos" Ending




  • Before you take on the task of "taking" out Liberty Buchanan, head to the Patriarch's Palace and kill The Patriarch. Well, if you think killing him will solve your problems, it damn won't fix any of it.


Killing the Patriarch will result in the fall of Colorado Springs and Liberty's gang will begin to overrun the area. Destruction and chaos follow them, and the people of Colorado will hate you for what you've done.



Liberty's Army




  • Once you've confronted Liberty Buchanan, select the option of 10 Kiss Ass, which is to convince her that the Rangers' Team November could become a part of her army.
  • She will, however, only agree if you don't have Lucia, Vic, or Ironclad in your party.


With Team November joining forces with Liberty's troops, they are able to fight through The Patriarch's forces. Liberty captures her father and places him in a cage and brings him with her wherever and whenever she's out for a parade.



The Patriarch




  • Once you've confronted Liberty Buchanan, select the option of 10 Hard Ass where you'll push her to surrender immediately. Or, you can also choose 10 Nerd Stuff first to sabotage her mechs before fighting her.
  • If you chose to fight her, arrest her or kill her, then return to the world map.
  • Select the option of siding with The Patriarch and then finish the last mission of the game.


Thanks to your help, Colorado remains safe and maintains order. From here, you can choose to stay in Colorado or return to Arizona, whichever choice you make, The Patriarch still keeps his promise by sending supplies over to the Desert Rangers as much as he can. Apart from that, you are also given a choice on dealing with Angela Deth and her team, which is to either execute them or ban them from Colorado.



Angela Deth




  • You must rescue Ironclad Cordite and complete his mission which is to unite the gangs in Yuma County.
  • Once you confront Liberty Buchanan, select the 10 Hard Ass option to push her to surrender immediately.
  • If you choose to fight her, make sure to select 10 Nerdy Stuff to sabotage her mechs, then after defeating her, it's up to you to kill or arrest her.
  • When you return to the world map, side with Angela Deth and complete the last Missions of the game.


Since you've sided with Angela Deth, you'll be given a couple of options on how to deal with The Patriarch; hold a trial for him, execute him, ban him, or throw him to the mob. Angela Deth will then also ask you to stay in Colorado or to return back to Arizona. Make sure to choose the option to remain in Colorado in order to save the Desert Rangers by calling them out and asking them to travel to Colorado. If you go back to Arizona, you're basically returning empty-handed and the Desert Rangers won't have any supplies.



Companions & Factions Epilogues




  • Side with The Patriarch: Kwon will join the Rangers.
  • Side with Angela Deth: You are given the option to either execute or arrest him. If you arrest him, you'll find him angry and dissatisfied. If you execute him, you'll be given a scene that shows his grave and a mysterious woman.





  • Side with The Patriarch: Wesson remains as a member of the Rangers and later on works with the Hundred Families
  • Side with Angela Deth: Lucia attempts a rebellion but is gunned down and killed





  • Side with The Patriarch: Cordite leaves the Rangers but plans to return to Colorado to start a war.
  • Side with Angela Deth: Cordie will still leave your squad, only this time with the Eastern Plains gans and fulfills his destiny of becoming the ruler of Kansas.





  • Side with The Patriarch: Since you've been able to fulfill your mission and with The Patriarch keeping his promise of sending supplies to Arizona, her parents' and the farm continue to survive.
  • Side with Angela Deth: Jodie will leave the group during the final part of the game. If ever you chose to stay in Colorado and ask the Desert Rangers to move, you'll learn that no one helped her parents and the farm from bandits that raided them.



Other Characters' Epilogues



  • Pizepi Joren: Whichever side you take, she'll remain as a loyal member of the rangers.
  • Scotchmo: Yeah, he's somewhere... Drunk...
  • Victory Buchanan: Regardless of whichever side you are on, and if he's alive, he'll still attempt to take his claim on Colorado. But.... The Payasos feed him with a Clown Burger... and, well... you know the rest.
  • Fishlips: Heads back to lead the Hard-HEads gang.
  • Morningstar: The Kodiak "retires", and the Morningstar happily takes over as the Rangers' new go-to vehicle.



Factions' Epilogues



  • The Gippers: If the faction is still alive and wasn't killed by yourself or the Godfishers, oil will still keep running to Colorado Springs.
  • Monster Army: Flab the Inhaler may or may not hold on to power depending on the choices you've made.
  • Wasteland Refugees: If you were good to them, especially at the beginning where you let them stay, they won't cause any trouble to you and the Rangers.
  • The Gift/Breathers: If this faction survives, you'll learn that they've left Colorado and explored the mountains.


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