The Traitor

Mission Type Primary Mission
Recommended Level Level 19
Location Ranger HQ
Hoon Homestead
Yuma County
Reward/s ???
Prev. Mission: ???
Next Mission: ???

The Traitor is a Primary Mission in Wasteland 3. This mission is recommended for Level 19. Missions are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Primary Missions are mandatory and focus on the main campaign/story of the game. This mission can be unlocked after completing Home Away from Home.


Locate Liberty Buchanan, the Patriarch's daughter, and bring her back home to Colorado Springs.

The Traitor Objectives

  1. Discover the whereabouts of Liberty Buchanan.
  2. Meet Angela Deth’s agent at Ranger HQ
  3. Defeat the Scar Collectors attacking Ranger HQ
  4. Meet Angela Deth at The Hoon Homestead.
  5. Go to Yuma County and capture or kill Liberty Buchanan.


The Traitor Walkthrough

  • Once you advance the mission The Psychopath, Angela Deth will contact you regarding Liberty Buchanan's whereabouts.
  • Head back to Ranger HQ after getting the call and speak to her agent. Now, during your meeting with Angela's agent, you'll be attacked by Scars. Luckily, all NPCs within HQ will help in defending the area.
  • After the battle, you will learn about Angela's location which is at the Hoon Homestead. You'll find her waiting inside the Hoon familyhouse.
  • If you have (3) First Aid, you can offer your help regarding the scars on her face. She'll mention she's fine and she'll give you x5 Medic Pack - during your conversation, you'll be attacked again by Scars.
  • There's about x2 Scar Collector Thrall, x1 Scar Collector Bomb Thrall, x1 Scar Collector Leader, x1 Scar Collector Cyclops, and x1 Scar Collector Butcher.
  • Deth will fight alongside you, as well as her crew.
  • After the battle, you'll pick up where you left off in the conversation and she'll mention her plan. From here, you'll have to make a decision that's important to the result of the endgame
    • Side with The Patriarch
    • Join Angela,
    • You can tell her that her plan will fail.
    • Side with the Ranger Command and threaten her.
  • After you've made a decision, head to Yuma County which is where Liberty is. Yuma County is near the southeastern area of the world map.
  • Before you head over to Yuma County, you'll need the Kodiak to be equipped with the Dominator Chassis to survive the radiation.
  • When you're near Yuma County, a man called "The Mechanic" will contact you via the radio and he'll ask you to see him at his garage. A dialogue cutscene between The Mechanic will then start upon entering Yuma County.
  • When you meet The Mechanic, you'll obtain a new primary mission which is Sand in the Gastank and two other secondary missions. You'll most likely need to complete the new primary mission since you'll need to infiltrate Liberty's compound anyway.
  • In Liberty's compound, you'll have to fight a group of Dorseys and some mechanical enemies. There are about 2 groups here you need to fight.
  • After winning the battle, you can unlock the gate with a (10) Lockpicking or break it. Behind the gate is where you'll find Liberty. Before you enter, you'll be prompted a warning that you won't be able to complete any missions upon entering.
  • Now upon confronting Liberty, you'll be given a few options:
    • (10) Kiss Ass - Convince her to let you become her new army. But make sure you don't have Lucia or Ironclad Cordite in the party.
    • (10) Nerd Stuff - Use your radio to hack her power armor and disable her drone control. This Immediately begins a fight.
    • (10) Hard Ass - Convince her that the other gangs with turn on her, and her Dad is her only hope for mercy. - This Skips the fight.
    • Attempt to put her into custody.
    • Attack her.
  • Now, if you attack her and after the battle. There's a door at the back which you can unlock with (6) Lockpicking. You'll find Lucia's father here. Once you've cleared the area, your next objective is to return to Colorado Springs.
  • On your way back, you will receive another call from Angela Deth regarding your final decision of siding with her or The Patriarch. Check the Endings page to learn more.


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The Traitor Rewards

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Mission Important Notes & Tips

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