Full House

Mission Type Primary Mission
Recommended Level Level 2
Location Ranger HQ
Downtown Colorado Springs
Reward/s N/A
Prev. Mission: N/A
Next Mission: N/A

Full House is a Primary Mission in Wasteland 3. This mission is recommended for Level 2. Missions are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Primary Missions are mandatory and focus on the main campaign/story of the game.


Our new HQ will only be as useful as the people we can recruit. We should also focus on getting critical infrastructure up and running.


Full House Objectives

  1. Recruit personnel for Ranger HQ:
    1. A Brig Jailor: Can be acquired by completing Cornered Rats
    2. A Medbay Doctor: Can be acquired by completing Top Doc
    3. An Armory Quartermaster: Can be acquired by completing Big Trouble in Little Vegas (You can get it from both Sheriff Daisy or from Faran Brygo)
    4. A Garage Mechanic: Can be acquired by completing Unwelcome Guests


Full House Related Characters


Full House Rewards

  • Rewards


Mission Important Notes & Tips

  • There are other NPCs you can recruit to your HQ, for example, the former curator of Colorado Spring museum.
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