Classes in Wasteland 3 are character role descriptions that are determined by the highest skill (or the first skill to get there, when there are several skills on the same level). There is no actual gameplay effect, except that the associated skill needs to be given priority in order to keep the class title.  

Class Skill(s)
Brawler Brawling
Combat Medic First Aid
Commander Leadership
Enforcer Melee Combat
Explosive Expert Explosives
Hacker Nerd Stuff
Heavy Gunner Big Guns
Infiltrator Sneaky Shit
Inventor Weird Science
Locksmith Lockpicking
Mechanic Mechanics
Modder Armor Modding or Weapon Modding
Negotiator Kiss Ass
Shepherd Animal Whisperer
Survivalist Survival
Sniper Sniper Rifles
Thug Hard Ass
Toaster Expert Toaster Repair
Trader Barter
Trooper Automatic Weapons or Small Arms

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