Endings for Wasteland 3 contains various conclusions of the game that depends on the player's actions/choices made throughout a completed playthrough. These endings unlock different achievements and outcomes of the game's story. This page covers a list of all the possible endings that can be obtained in the game. WARNING: THIS PAGE CONTAINS MULTIPLE SPOILERS!


Wasteland 3 Endings


"Oops" Ending




  • This ending is just hilarious. It pretty much gives you an ending based on your curiosity about tinkering stuff.
  • Upon reaching Union Station and finding the Morningstar, if you keep fixing it, it'll eventually explode, which results in the end of your journey in the game.



"Chaos" Ending




  • Before you take on the task of "taking" out Liberty Buchanan, head to the Patriarch's Palace and kill The Patriarch. Well, if you think killing him will solve your problems, it damn won't fix any of it.


Killing the Patriarch will result in the fall of Colorado Springs and Liberty's gang will begin to overrun the area. Destruction and chaos follow them, and the people of Colorado will hate you for what you've done.



Liberty's Army




  • Once you've confronted Liberty Buchanan, select the option of 10 Kiss Ass, which is to convince her that the Rangers' Team November could become a part of her army.
  • She will, however, only agree if you don't have Lucia, Vic, or Ironclad in your party.


With Team November joining forces with Liberty's troops, they are able to fight through The Patriarch's forces. Liberty captures her father and places him in a cage and brings him with her wherever and whenever she's out for a parade.



The Patriarch




  • Once you've confronted Liberty Buchanan, select the option of 10 Hard Ass where you'll push her to surrender immediately. Or, you can also choose 10 Nerd Stuff first to sabotage her mechs before fighting her.
  • If you chose to fight her, arrest her or kill her, then return to the world map.
  • Select the option of siding with The Patriarch and then finish the last mission of the game.


Thanks to your help, Colorado remains safe and maintains order. From here, you can choose to stay in Colorado or return to Arizona, whichever choice you make, The Patriarch still keeps his promise by sending supplies over to the Desert Rangers as much as he can. Apart from that, you are also given a choice on dealing with Angela Deth and her team, which is to either execute them or ban them from Colorado.



Angela Deth




  • You must rescue Ironclad Cordite and complete his mission which is to unite the gangs in Yuma County.
  • Once you confront Liberty Buchanan, select the 10 Hard Ass option to push her to surrender immediately.
  • If you choose to fight her, make sure to select 10 Nerdy Stuff to sabotage her mechs, then after defeating her, it's up to you to kill or arrest her.
  • When you return to the world map, side with Angela Deth and complete the last Missions of the game.


Since you've sided with Angela Deth, you'll be given a couple of options on how to deal with The Patriarch; hold a trial for him, execute him, ban him, or throw him to the mob. Angela Deth will then also ask you to stay in Colorado or to return back to Arizona. Make sure to choose the option to remain in Colorado in order to save the Desert Rangers by calling them out and asking them to travel to Colorado. If you go back to Arizona, you're basically returning empty-handed and the Desert Rangers won't have any supplies.



Companions & Factions Epilogues




  • Side with The Patriarch: Kwon will join the Rangers.
  • Side with Angela Deth: You are given the option to either execute or arrest him. If you arrest him, you'll find him angry and dissatisfied. If you execute him, you'll be given a scene that shows his grave and a mysterious woman.





  • Side with The Patriarch: Wesson remains as a member of the Rangers and later on works with the Hundred Families
  • Side with Angela Deth: Lucia attempts a rebellion but is gunned down and killed





  • Side with The Patriarch: Cordite leaves the Rangers but plans to return to Colorado to start a war.
  • Side with Angela Deth: Cordie will still leave your squad, only this time with the Eastern Plains gans and fulfills his destiny of becoming the ruler of Kansas.





  • Side with The Patriarch: Since you've been able to fulfill your mission and with The Patriarch keeping his promise of sending supplies to Arizona, her parents' and the farm continue to survive.
  • Side with Angela Deth: Jodie will leave the group during the final part of the game. If ever you chose to stay in Colorado and ask the Desert Rangers to move, you'll learn that no one helped her parents and the farm from bandits that raided them.



Other Characters' Epilogues



  • Pizepi Joren: Whichever side you take, she'll remain as a loyal member of the rangers.
  • Scotchmo: Yeah, he's somewhere... Drunk...
  • Victory Buchanan: Regardless of whichever side you are on, and if he's alive, he'll still attempt to take his claim on Colorado. But.... The Payasos feed him with a Clown Burger... and, well... you know the rest.
  • Fishlips: Heads back to lead the Hard-HEads gang.
  • Morningstar: The Kodiak "retires", and the Morningstar happily takes over as the Rangers' new go-to vehicle.



Factions' Epilogues



  • The Gippers: If the faction is still alive and wasn't killed by yourself or the Godfishers, oil will still keep running to Colorado Springs.
  • Monster Army: Flab the Inhaler may or may not hold on to power depending on the choices you've made.
  • Wasteland Refugees: If you were good to them, especially at the beginning where you let them stay, they won't cause any trouble to you and the Rangers.
  • The Gift/Breathers: If this faction survives, you'll learn that they've left Colorado and explored the mountains.



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