Character Creation for Wasteland 3 allows players to fully customize their hero. In creating your character, you will be given the opportunity to choose your class, SkillsQuirks, and background of your character. Also, you can have a starting team of male and female, or male and male or female and female.  There is a PC-only feature that allows you to create, name, and once again add a custom face to each of your squad members. However you choose to roleplay your squad, custom portraits can help put on a finishing touch. This page covers information regarding character creation.




Wasteland 3 Character Creation


Game Difficulty

In Wasteland 3 when you start a new game, the first thing that you need to decide the difficulty level of the game. You can choose between 4 types, Rookie, Wastlander, Ranger, and Supreme Jerk.
Depending on which one you choose, the game may have little changes, like Friendly Fire for example. When you create your character you need to select their Class, Skills, Quirks, background, and physical appearance. 




For players more interested in the story than combat, a less lethal sub-zero hellscape

Additional Gameplay Changes:

  • Friendly Fire Off
  • Easy Combat Difficulty



For new and returning players who want to experience the wastes as intended, a harsh but fair apocalypse.

Additional Gameplay Changes:

  • Friendly Fire Off
  • Normal Combat Difficulty



For veteran strategy game players seeking a challenge, a cruel and unforgiving world.

Additional Gameplay Changes:

  • Friendly Fire On.
  • Hard Combat Difficulty


Supreme Jerk

For the hardest of the hard, a soul-killing nightmare of brutality. Not even remotely fair.

Additional Gameplay Changes:

  • Friendly Fire is On.
  • Extreme Combat Difficulty




After selecting the game difficulty, you'll now have the chance to choose a pre-set duo of rangers. Each pair is unique from one another when it comes to their appearance, portraits, and default character stats such as skills, quirks, and their background. Upon selecting your pair, you can still customize their appearance from a selection of cosmetics and facial structures, as well as changing each asset that will fit your preference.


The Young Rangers

Classes: Trooper and Combat Medic

Lovers and rivals since first joining the rangers, Yuri and Spence's competitiveness drives them to excellence and risky dares.

The Punk Lovers

Classes: Enforcer and Mechanic

Thrills, kills, and spills are the life-breath of these star-crossed punk rock lovers who fought their way out of the cult they were raised in.


Father & Daughter

Classes: Commander and Sniper

William has been a nearly wordless killing machine since his wife died. His daughter, Li-Tsing does all the talking, and some of the killing.

Mentor & Student

ClassesSurvivalist and Modder

Mercs who've served under good commanders and bad, they hope, this time, they're fighting for folks who won't make them do terrible things.

The Tech Heads

Classes: Trader and Inventor

Science geeks who fell in love, they are socially awkward with outsiders, but chatty with each other, reveling in in-jokes only they get.



Character Assets


After selecting your pair of rangers, you will now be able to fully customize your characters according to your preference. First off is customizing how your character looks, players can select facial structures, skin color, hair type, clothing, physique, and character portrait. Once you've built the character's appearance, you'll now be selecting your starting weapon and then off to customizing your character's starting stats.

Starting Weapon

Players are allowed to choose their starting weapon from a couple of categories. Take note that as you progress through the game, you will find more stronger weapons that you can use.

  • Assault Rifle - Assault rifles are the wasteland all-rounders. Mobile, quick to fire, with decent range, and decent damage. They also penetrate all but the heaviest armor. Get one for everyone on your Christmas list.
  • Submachine Gun - If you've got a clear shot (like you're shooting some punk in the back) an SMG is devastating. They're not so great against enemies in cover or heavy armor, so you've gotta be mobile and pick your targets. But when you do - damn!
  • Semi-Auto Pistol - Pistols are accurate and quick, and deal solid damage to unarmored enemies, but have a hard time penetrating armor. On the plus side, if you want to quickly build your Strike Meter, they're a terrific choice!
  • Pump Shotgun - You won't do a lot of damage to single enemies with a shotty, but if you wanna hurt two or three at once, they're the way to go. Everyone in front of you will catch some lead. They're also great for blowing away enemy cover.
  • Sniper Rifle - Sniper Rifles are too slow and too heavy to fire on the move, but they have fantastic range, high armor penetration, and do a ton of damage. So find a nice, quiet spot, sit yourself down, and get to sniping.
  • Bladed Weapon - Your best friend in the wastes is a finely honed blade. Blades and are perfect for fighters who like to get up close and personal. They strike often, and deal high damage to enemies with light armor.
  • Blunt Weapon - It doesn't get more basic than hitting people with a stick - or more satisfying! Blunt weapons deal high damage to enemies in heavy armor, adn with a little training, you can stun with them too.
  • Brawling Weapon - Sometimes you just wanna haul off and sock somebody. Brawlers start out weak but have huge potential at higher levels. They also gain critical hit bonuses for each consecutive strike, so make with the jabby-jabby.
  • Heavy Weapon - Heavy machine guns deal tons of damage and punch through armor with ease. Shooting them while moving, however, is almost impossible. They're too far heavy and inaccurate. But with training, they're great for laying down covering fire.


Backgrounds features the personality of the player's character. Choosing from a list of backgrounds only occurs during Character Creation and it determines the character's history and a natural talent (Passive Bonus) that ties hand-in-hand with the selected background.


Attributes are categorized as the basic stats of the player's character. During Character Creation, players are given the chance to modify and choose their desired attribute to specialize in by placing attribute points to their desired category. It is important to review each attribute to better understand each trait that affects the various aspects, stats, and actions in the game.

  • Coordination: Coordination is your physical condition, self-control, and health. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.
  • Luck: Luck is your guardian angel. Whether you're lining up that decisive attack, dodging incoming fire, or down to your bottom dollar, sometimes, the winds of fortune blow your way.
  • Awareness: Awareness is your sense of your surroundings. A good Ranger knows that often it's your eyes and ears that keep you alive.
  • Strength: Strength is your raw physical power and ability to shrug off harm. It lets you hit harder, throw farther, and also serves as a requirement for the biggest, baddest, heavy weapons and armor.
  • Speed: Speed is your physical quickness and reaction time. Strike first, strike true, then get out of there.
  • Intelligence: Intelligence is your ability to make mental connections and do tactical thinking.
  • Charisma: Charisma represents your force of will when influencing others and engaging in combat.



Skills determine the character's active and passive actions in both combat, exploration, and interactions. Skills are categorized in four groups, Exploration Skills which focuses on talents that increase the effectiveness and awareness of the character's surroundings, Combat Skills that allow the player to better familiarize and master the various weapons in the game, and Social Skills that hells the player improve their interactions towards characters.


Quirks are traits that work as an extension for the player's stats. Players can only choose one quirk for their character during Character Creation which is at the start of the game. These are optional since they can also choose to have "No Quirk". Selecting a quirk for your character can be both beneficial and troublesome since you can obtain extra bonuses and buffs, but at the same time, you also obtain negative effects, debuffs, or decrease your stats - some quirks also changes the appearance of your character.


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