Goat Killer

Bonus Critical Chance +5%

Goat Killer is a Background in Wasteland 3. A background features the personality of the player's character. Choosing from a list of backgrounds only occurs during Character Creation and it determines the character's history, as well as a natural talent (Passive Bonus) that ties hand-in-hand with the selected background.


Goat Killer Description

  • Nobody believes you, but you know what you saw. A giant red goat, standing over your mother's body, freaky golden eyes glittering in the night. Goats aren't normal, just listen to 'em! You're going to kill every goat you can, draw out that Monster Goat, and this time, you'll be ready. Bleat, bleat, motherfucker.


Goat Killer Bonus


Builds that use Goat Killer



Goat Killer Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      This background, I believe, also gives you a slight chance of encountering the goat that killed your mother on the world map. Giant Flaming goat. I Noticed that I wasn't getting this encounter until I started a new playthrough and one of my character had the goat killer background. The goat has 3500Hp and is accompnied by several smaller goats that has 550hp+. I counted 9, but they may be more. The 2 times I have got the encounter, I didn't survive long enough to check if there was more. I think I started getting the encounter at around level 15.

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