Locations in Wasteland 3 features the various areas players can discover and explore in the game. With the events taking place in the state of Colorado, it's the biggest city Denver is going to be a featured area. Most of Denver is in ruins in the events of the game, having been devastated by a nuke. What's left are urban wilds where treasure hunters and scavengers do battle over the riches of the old world. The Denver airport has become a colony of artists, hackers, mad scientists, and various other eccentrics. The center of this commune is the Space Shuttle Atlantis which landed here, and in the compound, they are engaging in experiments and cyber spying against the Patriarch among other things. This page covers a list of all the locations in Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 Exploration Tips

Throughout your travel, you will see a whole lot of stashes. However, most of the boxes you'll find contains a bunch of scraps and ammo. Occasionally, you will meet traders of different factions, use your Kiss Ass skill on them will give you additional reputation, while stealing from them lowers it.

 You will also face battles and skirmishes from time to time, so make yourself combat-ready when traveling on world map. The enemies vary from mutant animals, gangs, raiders, to evil robots.


Wasteland 3 Locations


Colorado Springs

The "Capital" of Colorado and home to The Patriarch and the Hundred Families. The rangers set their HQ on the abandoned military airport located outside town.





Other Locations 







The rubble-strewn streets of Denver, the mile-high city. The Colorado State Capitol Building still stands among the towering ruin





The Bizzare

The Bizzare is a marketplace of the expensive, the dangerous, and the weird, build into a prewar mall that's buried under decades of snow.




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      It’s actually said that Colorado Springs(a city in the Denver metropolitan area) will be the largest city and the sight of the Patriach of Colorado Springs

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