Ranger HQ is one of the Locations in Wasteland 3. The various locations on the wasteland of Colorado offer different objectives and secrets that are waiting to be discovered, characters that you can meet, and an environment that can be interacted with, as well as formidable foes that consist of humanoids, mechanical enemies, beasts, and mutated creatures.


Ranger HQ serves as the character's main hub.


Ranger HQ Related Missions


Ranger HQ Related Characters


Ranger HQ Points of Interest


Ranger HQ Sub-areas

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Ranger HQ Notes, Trivia and Notable Loot

  • Speak to Sergei Greatski outside of the base to recruit Rangers.
  • Marshall Kwon will be your first Companion who will join your squad.
  • There's a table at the base of the HQ where you can picklock. It requires Level 2 of Lockpicking .
  • At the east side, outside the entrance of the base, there's a toaster which requires Level 3 of Toaster Repair for it to be fixed.


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