Good Luck

Good Luck
Item Type Cassette Tapes
Location Can be found Ambush Site, after you interact whit the Dorsey Stalker

Good Luck is a Cassette Tapes in Wasteland 3Cassette Tapes are a type of a collectible that unlocks additional entries in the Archive menu while playing. Cassette Tapes are found in specific locations or are given by a related NPC, or are dropped by certain characters.


A tape from Jodie's folks, wishing her well on her mission with the Rangers.


Good Luck Use

  • Cassette Tapes are little vignettes meant to provide lore of the Wasteland. 
  • Cassette Tapes can be played at any given time by accessing the Archive from the game menu.


Good Luck Acquisition


Good Luck Notes & Tips

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Cassette Tapes
A New Well  ♦  A Proposal  ♦  Alaska Surprise Jingle  ♦  An Interrogation  ♦  Angie Eulogy by General Vargas  ♦  Aspen is under Attack  ♦  Aspen Radio Ad 1  ♦  Aspen Radio Ad 2  ♦  Bellamy Test No. 110  ♦  Bizarre Under Assault  ♦  Book of Bonzo  ♦  Brygo Radio Call Recording  ♦  Children of the Cabbage  ♦  Cosmonaut Logs  ♦  Dee Sharp Sings  ♦  Demolition Derby  ♦  Dorsey Orders  ♦  Evidence!  ♦  Godfisher Kiting Ritual  ♦  Joker's Wild  ♦  Kidnappers in Trouble  ♦  Marie Soto Lecture  ♦  Marriage counseling  ♦  Mourning the Music  ♦  New Tour Introduction, version 1  ♦  Noodles Ad  ♦  Opie Survives  ♦  Original Inhabitants  ♦  Payasos Mission  ♦  Percival Wesson Recording  ♦  Pico's Playtesting  ♦  PRIVATE DO NOT PLAY  ♦  Quarex Tape  ♦  Quotes of Manners  ♦  Rangers Riding  ♦  Reagan Vehicle Development  ♦  Recording from Alastair Hoon  ♦  Reliance's Manifesto  ♦  Risky Briskett's Recipe  ♦  Robots and Rangers for Real  ♦  Russian Singalong  ♦  Serious Argument With Satisfactory Resolution  ♦  Simms Mix Tape  ♦  Soldier's Note  ♦  Strike Back Pirate Radio with Brad Conway  ♦  SysAdmin Logs  ♦  The Automated Chauffeur  ♦  The Gangster's Guide to Diction  ♦  The Wolf's Mask  ♦  Vic & Breathers  ♦  What Came Before?  ♦  What Comes After?  ♦  Windfarm Engineering Report  ♦  Workout Tape  ♦  You Won't Believe Your Eyes!!  ♦  Yuma County Speedway Race

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