Weapons in Wasteland 3 is an equipment used by the player's character in a battle to inflict damage against hostile characters. Weapons are divided into various categories such as Assault Weapons that features assault rifles and SMGs, Small Arms which are pistols, shotguns, and SMGs; Big Guns that consists of Heavy Machine Guns and Flamethrowers, Explosive Weapons which are Rocket Launchers, Melee Weapons such as Blunt & Bladed weapons; Brawling Weapons that are knuckles-based melee weaponry, and Science Weapons that consists of Science and Mechanical weapons. This page will indicate a list of all the Weapons in Wasteland 3, and it will also include its description, values, and information on how to obtain it and where to find it. 

Skill Level Requirements

Automatic Weapons Skill

Each weapon requires a certain level of skill in order for the character to be able to manage it. This doesn't mean that you can't equip weapons that don't meet your skill level, you can, however, still equip weapons at the result of weapon penalties when it is used in combat. So for example, if you equip an Assault Rifle that requires a Lvl. 4 Automatic Weapons skill, but you're only at Lvl. 2, you can still use it but you'll be penalized with negative effects such as a less chance of inflicting critical hits, decreased critical damage, and more. 

  • All ARs and SMGs require a certain skill level of Automatic Weapons.
  • All Pistols, Revolvers, and Shotguns require a certain skill level of Small Arms.
  • All Sniper Rifles require a certain skill level of Sniper Rifles.
  • All Heavy Machine Guns and Flamethrowers require a certain skill level of Big Guns.
  • All Rocket Launchers require a certain skill level of Explosives.
  • All Blunt and Bladed Melee Weapons require a certain skill level of Melee Combat.
  • All Knuckles require a certain skill level of Brawling.
  • All Science Weapons require a certain skill level of Weird Science while others require the Mechanics skill.

Weapon Rarity & Modifications

Weapon Rarity

Weapons are categorized into two rarity types. Common and Unique weapons, Unique weapons are identified with a yellow highlight around the weapon, while common weapons are not highlighted. Unique Weapons usually have higher statistical value or are equipped with special weapon abilities.

Laser Sight Weapon Mod

Weapons can be modified by placing Weapon Mods to it. There is a variety of weapon mods that are specific to certain types of guns which changes the statistical value or adds effects to it once it is slotted. Players cannot remove a slotted mod to a weapon, however, you can replace it, but the previously slotted weapon mod will be lost. So make sure to decide properly when it comes to weapon modification.



Wasteland 3 Weapons


Automatic Weapons















Small Arms


















Sniper Rifles




Big Guns





Explosive Weapons




Melee Weapons








Brawling Weapons





Science Weapons










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