Secondary Missions in Wasteland 3 is a quest category. Secondary Missions or side quests are optional tasks that players can choose to ignore or better yet, to complete in order to obtain various rewards, as well as information that adds to the story & lore of the game. Secondary Missions are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain characters. This page covers a full list of all the Secondary Missions of Wasteland 3, and players can find guides, and walkthroughs on how to complete each one - you can also visit our Primary Missions page to view a list of all the main quests.


Wasteland 3 Secondary Missions


Heads or Tails

"The people of Colorado need the Rangers' help. Time to venture forth"

Rad Alert!

"The Kodiak needs a chassis with radiation resistance if we want to explore deeper into Colorado."

Top Doc

"Doc Parker, the finest doctor in Colorado Springs, has set up a makeshift clinic Downtown to take care of people who were injured during the Dorsey attack. He is under staffed and under supplied."


Frontier Justice

"Lucia wants our help bringing those responsible for her family's murder to justice - starting with Nelius Dorsey, who ordered their deaths."

Big Trouble in Little Vegas

"Faran Brygo - or someone in his organization - may have helped the Dorseys slip into Colorado Springs. Sheriff Daisy sent her best inspector to investigate, but she hasn't head back from him. She asked us to check on her agent and takedown Brygo."

Don't You Be My Neighbor

"Rosie Wong, the manager of the Sans Luxe Apartments in Downtown Colorado Springs, called us with a noise complaint. One of her tenants is making a terrible ruckus. She suspects he's building bombs in his apartment, and she wants us to check it out."


Wolfe's Hunt

"Gary "NaCl" Wolfe, a merc who's had dealings with the Rangers in Arizona, has shown up at Ranger HQ and offered to pay us if we bring him the head of synth that's hiding in Downtown Colorado Springs."

Knock, Knock

"Gain access to the Bizzare."

My Body Requires This

"Masato is obsessed with finding a package of pre-war Ramen Noodles, so he can reverse-engineer the magic recipe of the before times."


Cinéma Vérité

"The Chix Flicks theater has only been at the Bizarre for a few years, yet their material is already growing stale, and it's stare bored. Eidilon wants our help finding some fresh content."

A Nightmare in the Bizarre

"Someone is terrorizing the Monster Army and the inhabitants of the Bizzare."

Slaver's Bounty

"A slaver named La Perla has asked us to find an escaped slave in exchange for access to pre-war tech locked away in our base."


Lords of War

"Angela Deth claims The Patriarch isn't the benevolent leader he pretends to be. If we want to see how he really operates, we should find a secret bunker in Broadmoor Heights and speak to Ironclad Cordite."

Let's go fry a Kite

"A horde of Godfishers are at the Gipper's gates."


"Figure out why the Commune is so good at healing humans and repairing its own, then deliver the info to the Gippers."


Build a Better Reagan

"Upgrade key Gipper computer systems to super-charge the Reagan statue."

A Very Hostile Takeover

"Charley Knowes and the Cartel want to take control of the Bizzare. They are offering us a chance to help them."


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