Slick Chick

Slick Chick
Type Status Effec
Effect Evasion: +5%

Slick Chick is a Status Effect in Wasteland 3. Slick Chick grants Evasion +5%. Status Effects are bonuses or penalties that affect a unit for a certain amount of time. Positive effects are usually acquired through abilities, and equipment while negative effects come from enemy weapons and abilities.


Don't let 'em ruffle your feathers.


Slick Chick Effects


How to Acquire Slick Chick

  • Slick Chick can be acquired by recruiting Polly into your party. Polly can be found at the Bizzare Exterior. Talk to Six-Fingered Harry and buy Larry from him. You can find Harry right of the Hopefuls Camp
  • All Status Effects can be removed by talking to a NPC Doctor and asking him to heal you (Including Injuries)


Slick Chick Notes & Tips

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