The Bleeding Edge

The Bleeding Edge
Item Type Skill Book
Skill Bonus Permanently increases Melee Combat +1

The Bleeding Edge is a Skill Book in Wasteland 3. The Bleeding Edge is a special one-time use items that grant permanently +1 Melee Combat permanent Skill Points to the character that consumes it. Skill Books are best used at higher levels, as they provide 1 Skill Point no matter the Skill Point cost. This means that you can upgrade a Skill from level 9 to level 10 using a Skill Book instead of consuming 6 Skill Points.


Modern tactical combat with bladed weapons.


The Bleeding Edge Information

  • Selling Price: $500
  • Purchase Price: $??
  • Skill Bonus: 


The Bleeding Edge Acquisition


The Bleeding Edge Notes & Tips

  • ??
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