It Just Works

It Just Works
Item Type Skill Book
Skill Bonus Weird Science +1

It Just Works is a Skill Book in Wasteland 3. It Just Works is a special one-time use items that grant Weird Science+1 permanent Skill Points to the character that consumes it. Skill Books are best used at higher levels, as they provide 1 Skill Point no matter the Skill Point cost. This means that you can upgrade a Skill from level 9 to level 10 using a Skill Book instead of consuming 6 Skill Points.


In-game Description.


It Just Works Information

  • Selling Price: $??
  • Purchase Price: $??
  • Skill Bonus: 


It Just Works Acquisition

  • Book is located in a chest next to Doctor Hyde in The Gift's room in Aspen (Little Hell).Attempting to open the box results in The Gift and her minions attacking you.  It would appear that you have to kill The Gift and her minions to get this book. 


It Just Works Notes & Tips

  • ??
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