Caltrop Launcher

Caltrop Launcher
Item Type: Vehicle Mod
Mod Type: Mortar
Mod Effect: Caltrop Launcher (3AP)

Caltrop Launcher is a Mortar Vehicle Mod in Wasteland 3. Caltrop Launcher is used to update the Kodiak and grants Caltrop Launcher (3AP). Vehicle Mods are special Items that are slotted to the equipped various pieces of the Kodiak to use it during combat in certain situations. Slotting a vehicle mod provide both offensive, defensive effects, and special properties that makes the Kodiak even more unique.


Covers an area with sharp, spiky fragments that impedes movement. Fire a few of these and watch your enemies dance!

Caltrop Launcher Information

  • Selling Price: ???
  • Purchase Price: ???
  • Mod Type: Mortar
  • This mod provides:
    • Caltrop Launcher (3AP): Launches caltrops that blanket a targeted area, damaging and Slowing walking over them. Last 3turns. 


Caltrop Launcher Location/Acquisition

  • Can be found at World Map: Received from the O'Leary Family random encounter. (Requires Wastelander Refugees reputation Liked or higher).


Caltrop Launcher Notes & Tips

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