Polished Ranger Badge

Polished Ranger Badge
Utility Bonus Experience Bonus+5

Polished Ranger Badge is a Utility in Wasteland 3. Polished Ranger Badge grants +5 Experience Bonus. Utility are categorized as accessories, it is an extension of the player's equipment that provides extra buffs, multiple effects, and to boost their stats when it is worn. Utility can be looted from chests, crates, dropped by enemies, or purchased from merchants.


This badge was worn by one of the first Rangers, and has been handed down from generation to generation. Now it's yours. Wear it with pride.


Polished Ranger Badge Information


Polished Ranger Badge Acquisition

  • This weapon is part of the Snow Camo Starting Weapons DLC to those who Pre-Purchase the game.


Polished Ranger Badge Notes & Tips

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Wasteland 3 Utility
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