Top Skills
Sniper Rifles Skill Point Skill Point
Small Arms Skill Point
Sneaky Shit Skill Point
Starting Stats
CON 69
Coordination Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point
Luck Attribute Point Attribute Point
Awareness Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point
Strength Attribute Point Attribute Point
Speed Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point
Intelligence Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point
Charisma Attribute Point Attribute Point
Quirk No Quirk
Background Desert Cat

Banshee is a Ranger in Wasteland 3. Rangers are pre-made characters that players can add to their squad. Rangers can be hired via the Ranger HQ where you can recruit or create your very own ranger. This page covers information for Banshee such as starting stats, equipment, skills, and more.


Banshee Information


How to Recruit Banshee

  • Banshee is a "pre-made" ranger and can be recruited to your squad via the Ranger HQ.


Banshee Starting Gear


Banshee Starting Stats

NOTE: Rangers also level up which grants them extra CON (Constitution) and Skill Points to spend on upgrading their Skills. At later levels, they'll also gain additional Attribute Points to upgrade their Attributes. To upgrade your Skills, use [K], or left-click on the inventory button, then go to the Skills tab.


Banshee Notes & Trivia

  • Your squad consists of up to a maximum of 6 active party members which includes a maximum of up to 4 or a minimum of 2 Rangers, while the other 2 slots are reserved for Companions. Companions aren't officially rangers and are special NPCs that you'll meet along the way.
  • Players can manage their party from the Escape menu (Manage Party) or at your base by talking to an NPC. Rangers can be "Removed" from the active party and they'll be added to the "Reserve" list. Just remember, that if you choose to "Discharge" a ranger, you are permanently removing them from your party and that they'll be gone and cannot be recruited for the second time.



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