Heavy Attack

AP 4
Ability Type Weapon
Required Perk n/a
Ability Effect Execute a powerful attack from your melee weapon.

Heavy Attack in Wasteland 3 is an Ability. Heavy Attack is a Weapon ability. Abilities are special actions that are used in battle, these can be either obtained after unlocking certain Perks or can be found attached to certain weapons. Abilities allow the player to execute unique special actions in battle and requires a certain number of AP to be executed.


Throw your weight around. A powerful attack that has +70% Critical Chance, but -40% Hit Chance.


Heavy Attack Information

  • AP Required: 4
  • Ability Type: Weapon
  • Perk Required: (Indicate the Perk, if it is a weapon ability, delete this field)
  • Damage: 100% of weapon damage.


Heavy Attack Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia.




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