Waste Dweller Helmet

Waste Dweller Helmet
Armor Type Head Armor
Effect Armor Stat +8
Cold Resistance +50%
Stat Requirements None
Failed Requirement Penalty None

Waste Dweller Helmet is a Head Armor in Wasteland 3Waste Dweller Helmet grants +8 Armor  and Cold Resistance +50%. Each armor's stats and/or effects can be changed or upgraded by slotting Armor Mods.


The perfect headgear for keeping the dust and snow out of your eyes.

Waste Dweller Helmet Effects:


Waste Dweller Helmet Acquisition

  • Can be found at Denver Ruins, near to Statue of Reagan
  • Dropped at: ??
  • Purchased from: ??


Waste Dweller Helmet Armor Penalties

NOTE: Each Armor requires a certain level of Strength in order for the character to be able to equipped it. This doesn't mean that you can't equip armor that don't meet your Strength level, you can, however, still equip armor at the result of armor penalties when it is used in combat. So for example, if you equip a Savage Armor that requires a 5 Strength, but you're only 4, you can still use it but you'll be penalized with negative effects such as a less speed to move, Actions Points, and more.

  • None

Waste Dweller Helmet Notes & Trivia

  • Other notes, tips, and trivia.
  • Armor can be modified by placing Armor Mods to it. There is a variety of Armor mods that are specific to certain types of guns which changes the statistical value or adds effects to it once it is slotted. Players cannot remove a slotted mod to an Armor, however, you can replace it, but the previously slotted Armor mod will be lost. So make sure to decide properly when it comes to Armor modification - check our Armor Modding skill page to learn more about Armor modification.




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