Ammunition in Wasteland 3 is one of the item categories of the game. Ammo is a necessity and important material that is required to use firearms. There is a variety of ammo in the game that can only be used for a specific type of gun, ammo is not infinite and is consumed in battle whenever the gun is used. Ammo can be obtained from looting chests or crates, it can be purchased from merchants, it can be rewarded for completing quests, and it can also be dropped by killed enemies or bosses. This page covers a list of all the Ammunition in the game as well as its individual properties and relevant information. NOTE: The purchase value of items that are marked Green has a -2% discount, provided that the player has the Barter bonus.



Wasteland 3 Ammunition


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Name & Icon Description Purchase Value Sell Value
7.62MM Ammo
A rifle-grade round with stopping power to please. This ammo is used for assault rifles and fast-firing heavy machine guns. $1 $10
9MM Ammo
The gunslinger's choice. This ammo is commonly used in semi-automatic pistols and lightweight SMGs. $1 $2
.45 Ammo
This large round offers a real kick in the teeth - both for you and your target. This ammo is used most commonly in high-end SMGs. $2 $3
5.56MM Ammo
This high-velocity rimless cartridge is used in high-end assault rifles. $2 $3
Made from rusty nails and powder cartridges - it's like 1776 all over again. This ammo is used only in the jankiest of home-made weapons. $2 $3
Shotgun Shells
Whether hunting game or man, it's no surprise shotguns survived the apocalypse. $5 $6
.30-06 Ammo
The gold standard for long-distance elimination. This ammo is used exclusively in sniper rifles. $5 $6
.38 Ammo
This classic revolver round has your back. $5 $6
.50 Ammo
Whether you need to take out a person or their vehicle, this massive round has you covered. This ammo is used for high-powered sniper rifles and heavy machine guns. $9 $10
Flamethrower Fuel
Put this valuable resource to the best possible use: setting things on fire. $8 $9
Energy Cells
These portable batteries are used to power electronic devices, such as laser blasters and death rays. $9 $10
Rockets pack a powerful blast. Just be sure you have something that can propel it far enough away from you. $117 $120
Frozen Ferret
Is it animal cruelty if they're already dead? ?? $20
How else are you gonna stab something from far away? $5 $6
Tactical Nuke
I am become death, the destroyer of worlds. $980 ??

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