A Very Hostile Takeover

Mission Type Secondary Mission
Recommended Level Level 9
Reward/s $1000
Charley's Keycard

A Very Hostile Takeover is a Secondary Mission in Wasteland 3. This mission is recommended for Level 9. Missions are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Secondary Missions are optional where players can obtain various rewards and additional information that adds to the story & lore of the game. This mission can be unlocked by ???.


Charley Knowes and the Cartel want to take control of the Bizzare. They are offering us a chance to help them.


A Very Hostile Takeover Objectives

  1. Meet the Cartel in the ruins outside the Bizzare or tip-off Flab the Inhaler inside. 


A Very Hostile Takeover Related Characters

  • Charley Knowes


A Very Hostile Takeover Rewards


Mission Important Notes & Tips

  • In order to acquire this mission, you need to:
    • Siding with Faran Brygo in Little Vegas.
    • Not killing Charley Knowes.
    • Clearing The Warrens to help Flab the Inhaler.
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A Very Hostile Takeover Walkthrough

  • Once you returned Colorado Springs from Bizzare, Charley will contact rangers asking for help. He wants to take over The Bizarre since the Monster Army has been weakened.
  • Meet Charley in the small building south of The Bizarre's parking lot area. If you decide to help him, you'll need to eliminate everyone in The Bizarre, even those recently helped.
  • You can kill  Charley and tell Flab the Inhaler about it to gain some reputation and supplies.
  • If you helped Charlie you get the keycard to his safe and 1000$. After you take out the Monster Army, the vendors and others will come up and ask you why you killed them. You will have a few options here. In the post game, Charlie and his cartel make The Bizarre even more profitable.
  • With kiss ass 6, you convince Jones and the vendors that they can work here or The Bizarre dies. They don't like it, but they will continue to work under Charlie and the cartel. If you help Jone fighting the Cartel, vendors will leave since there is no one here to watch over them. The Bizarre closes down and becomes a ghost town. If you side with Charlie and the Cartel, he kills Jones and forces the vendors to work for him.



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    • Anonymous

      "in order to get this mission , you need to have sided with brygo"
      wrong information . that is NOT true.
      you can still get this mission if you killed brygo, as long as you didn't kill charley. before killing brygo, there is a skill check to send charley out of the casino so he stays out of the fight.
      later in the game, charley will offer this mission and you can ask him "why do you still want to work with us after what we did to little begas" andnhe explains that he was glad brygo is gone and he took over himself

      • Anonymous

        I killed MacTavish (after talking to Knowles) then came back and killed Brago. Charlie wasn’t there, survived, and I just got this quest. I haven’t been to ranger HQ since finishing both Warrens and Refugee quest. I think it’s triggered by something + knowles being alive. I don’t want anyone thinking they have to restart their save or something

        • Anonymous

          You can get this quest even if you arrest Brygo. The Rangers can inquire Charlie if he's still willing to work with them, to which he replies doing this job will make it even.

          • Anonymous

            This quest seems to be bugged. When i entered Bizarre my quest went to the completed section. I haven't even met Charley there. Every NPC in the whole Bizzare + exterior area is dead, except for some animals. No vendors or anyone to talk to.

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