Location Downtown Colorado Springs
Related Faction ??

Irv is an NPC in Wasteland 3. NPCs are characters in the game that can be interacted with. These characters add contrast to the game's lore, they can provide information and useful items, some play an important role in the game when it comes to missions, while the others can be recruited as a Companion.



Irv Information

  • A tall, lanky man researcher looking for data on cloning and related technologies. Irv is actually a fourth generation clone of Irwin John Finster - and not even a particularly good one, as while he can use his cloning technology, he can't really make proper clones to save his life.
  • NPC Location: Downtown Colorado Springs
  • Related Faction: ??


Irv Related Missions

  • Don't You Be My Neighbor 
    • You'll find Irv at the book shop. Confront him and tell him that you know what he has been doing)
    • You'll have to option to kill him or recruit him. If you recruit him he will move himself and the Clone Machine to the medical area of the Ranger HQ. If you talk to him there he will be able to create a clone that will follow you and help you in combat. If the clone is defeated, it will drop Pink Goo which you need to recover to create a new clone.
    • Head back to Rosie Wong and tell her that issue with Irv has been resolved and that she can now clean his room.


Irv Notes & Trivia

  • ??
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