Pvt. Jodie Bell

Pvt. Jodie Bell
Top Skills
Sniper Skill Point Skill Point Skill Point Skill Point Skill Point 
Mechanics Skill Point Skill Point Skill Point Skill Point 
Animal Whisperer Skill Point Skill Point Skill Point
First Aid Skill Point Skill Point Skill Point
Starting Stats
CON 105
Coordination Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point
Luck Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point
Awareness Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point
Strength Attribute Point Attribute Point
Speed Attribute Point Attribute Point
Intelligence Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point
Charisma Attribute Point Attribute Point Attribute Point
Quirk No Quirk
Background Car Nut

Pvt. Jodie Bell is a Companion in Wasteland 3. Companions are special pre-made NPCs who can joins the player's squad and helps them throughout the game. Companions aid the player in and out of battle and are unique from one another, each specializing in various fields, and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Companions can be encountered through game progression and can be recruited by meeting certain conditions or choices made.


Pvt. Jodie Bell Information


How to Recruit Pvt. Jodie Bell

  • Pvt. Jodie Bell is one of the first characters you'll meet, but it will be a short while before she is able to join your team.
  • When you first meet her in the prologue, she'll be held hostage by the Dorseys, and only be using Kiss Ass or Hard Ass skill checks can you convince them to leave her alone (though it is possible to shoot her taker from afar without triggering dialog). She'll follow you to the Ranger HQ, and rest up until after you have undertaken several missions - usually after you have completed Big Trouble in Little Vegas.
  • Return to Ranger HQ after this, and she should finally be back on her feet.


Pvt. Jodie Bell Related Quests

  • ??
  • ??


Pvt. Jodie Bell Starting Gear

  • Starting Armor
  • Starting Weapon


Pvt. Jodie Bell Starting Stats

NOTE: Companions also level up which grants them extra CON (Constitution) and Skill Points to spend on upgrading their Skills. At later levels, they'll also gain additional Attribute Points to upgrade their Attributes. To upgrade your Skills, use [K], or left-click on the inventory button, then go to the Skills tab.


Pvt. Jodie Bell Notes & Trivia

  • Your squad consists of up to a maximum of 6 active party members which includes a maximum of up to 4 or a minimum of 2 Companions, while the other 2 slots are reserved for Companions. Companions aren't officially Companions and are special NPCs that you'll meet along the way.
  • Players can manage their party from the Escape menu (Manage Party) or at your base by talking to an NPC. Companions can be "Removed" from the active party and they'll be added to the "Reserve" list. Just remember, that if you choose to "Discharge" a Companions, you are permanently removing them from your party and that they'll be gone and cannot be recruited for the second time.



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    • Anonymous

      You dont need to have hard/kiss ass to save her actually. I didnt have at the beginning, and just shot the guy holding her from a distance, without engaging to talk with him.

      • Anonymous

        You have to save her in the early game - either kiss/hard ass skill level 1 is required.
        She will move with you to the HQ and can be found outside waiting on her condition to improve.
        After the healed up ( takes a bit ) you can recruit her.

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